Patricia Treib: Pieces

Patricia Treib’s upcoming show at Tibor de Nagy wins the award for shortest press release this season. Here it is: Abstract paintings that translate the visual world. In 2006, Treib received an MFA from Columbia University where she studied with Charline Von Heyl, and, previously, she has shown with John Connelly.  I’m looking forward to … read more… “Patricia Treib: Pieces”

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Roberta and Jerry’s artist-free art

In the NYTimes on Tuesday, Roberta Smith revealed her hobby: she and husband Jerry Saltz scour thriftshops, fleamarkets and yard sales for cheap paintings and interesting objects. There is something immensely comforting about these works. They come at you entirely on their own, unencumbered by the name, life or personality of the artist, devoid of … read more… “Roberta and Jerry’s artist-free art”


Big thanks to our August sponsors

We would like to take a brief moment to thank this month’s sponsors. These are the organizations and companies that keep us publishing, so be sure to check them out! Featured Advertisers Brooklyn Museum– GO is a community-curated open studio project. Artists across Brooklyn will open their studio doors, so that you can decide who will be … read more… “Big thanks to our August sponsors”

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Quick study: Presidential endorsement, dog paintings, defending internships and more

As if you didn’t already suspect it, Two Coats of Paint endorses Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the 2012 Presidential Election. Go check out the campaign store, and buy their merch. Right now the race is so close that supporting Obama/Biden is more important than funding Kickstarter projects. Obamacare is good for artists! Suzanne … read more… “Quick study: Presidential endorsement, dog paintings, defending
internships and more”


More hiring news: SUNY Purchase hires 3 painting professors

After I posted about the new painting faculty at Connecticut College, Brooklyn College and Rutgers University yesterday,  I got a note from Sharon Horvath, associate professor at SUNY Purchase, reporting that the School of Art and Design has added three full-time professors to their painting faculty as well. After what I imagine was an exhausting … read more… “More hiring news: SUNY Purchase hires 3 painting professors”

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Who got hired? A few new painting professors

This past year, after a dearth of painting listings in 2009-11 at CAA, several colleges posted positions for painting professors.  The choices made by these three institutions indicate what skills and attributes each program values–not necessarily who were the best artists or teachers in the pool of applicants.  If you know of any other new … read more… “Who got hired? A few new painting professors”

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Bohemian myths and other storytelling: Gretchen Bennett and Matthew Offenbach

Back in July, Gretchen Bennett and Matthew Offenbacher two insightful artists whom I met on my trip to Seattle in May, talked about their ongoing projects and collaborations with artist-critic Amanda Manitach. Here are excerpts from their fascinating conversation, which was originally published in the blog at New American Paintings. Sorry I didn’t post this … read more… “Bohemian myths and other storytelling: Gretchen Bennett and Matthew Offenbach”

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Rooted in nostalgia: Karen Marston at Storefront Bushwick

At Storefront Bushwick, Karen Marston embraces old-fashioned technique and uses plenty of varnish in her painterly reconstructions of disaster photographs culled from the Internet. These mostly easel-sized paintings of tornadoes and firestorms drain the original news images of their elemental power, turning nature’s shock and awe into subject matter for beautifully crafted, sentimental landscape images. … read more… “Rooted in nostalgia: Karen Marston at Storefront Bushwick”

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Brooklyn Museum Go: Bushwick short list

Brooklyn Museum GO, a sprawling open studio event that takes place throughout Brooklyn on September 8 and 9, is in overdrive, sending out announcements, posting to their blog, making videos, organizing meetups, and all the while tweeting updates along the way. An astounding number of artists are participating (and just as many, disappointed that the … read more… “Brooklyn Museum Go: Bushwick short list”

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Vuillard’s process

On the website for the Edouard Vuillard show at The Jewish Museum, a lovely show of gem-like portraits and interiors, I found images of two versions of the Bloch family portrait along with preliminary pastel sketches that reveal how this beautiful painting took shape. Here they are, along with an interview with Claude Bloch Dalsace, … read more… “Vuillard’s process”

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