Journalist discovers that Facebook doesn’t cause loneliness

Theorizing about Facebook’s effect on society must sell magazines. In The Atlantic this month Stephen Marche’s cover story, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?,” is about loneliness in general, not Facebook in particular. Describing himself as a Facebook lurker rather than an active user, Marche’s Facebook link at the end of the story leads to a … read more… “Journalist discovers that Facebook doesn’t cause loneliness”


EMAIL: A note to Mira Schor

Inspired by Raphael Rubinstein’s approach to the Artseen section of The Brooklyn Rail, EMAIL is a new section featuring short posts based on notes written to other artists. —– Hi Mira, I stopped by your show on Saturday and particularly love the white painting on the wall near the office: esp. the relative chalkiness of the … read more… “EMAIL: A note to Mira Schor”

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The danger of overthinking

In an arch NYTimes review this morning, Roberta Smith suggests Pamela Rosenkranz’s solo at Miguel Abreu relies too heavily on the over-articulated, perhaps overwrought, ideas behind the work rather than trusting viewers to draw their own conclusions. …The serenity is readily apparent in large fields of gleaming, slightly oozy white, seemingly trapped behind glass and … read more… “The danger of overthinking”


College Art Association: 2013 Painting Panels

I had hoped to organize a painting panel for the next CAA Conference (Jered Sprecher and Rebecca Morris were among the painters I had invited to participate), but time got away from me, and I missed the deadline to submit the proposal. However, the conference is in New York this year, and two painting-specific panels … read more… “College Art Association: 2013 Painting Panels”

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A good year for painters at the Guggenheim Foundation

The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation recently announced their 2012 Fellows, and (remarkably) nearly half of the winners in the Fine Arts category are painters. The Foundation‘s goal is to help provide funding for artists to “work with as much creative freedom as possible.” In other words, the  Fellows may spend their loot, which varies according … read more… “A good year for painters at the Guggenheim Foundation”

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Learning out loud: Terry Winters at Matthew Marks

Ken Johnson at the NYTimes called Terry Winters’s new paintings at Matthew Marks both gorgeous and ravishing, but after seeing the show yesterday, I have to agree with David Brody’s terrific review at artcritical that Winters’s use of color, for all its vivid exuberance, is lackluster and his paint handling equally disengaged. In the 80s … read more… “Learning out loud: Terry Winters at Matthew Marks”


Squeeze Hard (Hold That Thought)

Field trip to Seattle! Robert Yoder has invited me to participate in a two-person exhibition at SEASON with well known Seattle artist Allison Manch. My new paintings reference the monumental sculptures I discovered in the National Gallery’s Sculpture Garden while cruising around DC this winter. Titans like Tony Smith, David Smith, Alexander Calder, and Claus … read more… “Squeeze Hard (Hold That Thought)”

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Thomas Kinkade is dead

According to his family, Thomas Kinkade, 54, aka Painter of Light, died in his Los Gatos, California, home yesterday of natural causes. [UPDATE: Looks like Kinkade may have died from causes related to alcoholism.) Best known for painting sentimental images of light-soaked rural life and his aggressive marketing techniques (“We also provide No Sales Tax, … read more… “Thomas Kinkade is dead”


Dear Tamara, and other letters about art

This month, Raphael Rubinstein is the guest editor of the Rail’s ArtSeen section. Citing letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, and the letters that Samuel Beckett wrote to Georges Duthuit about Bram van Velde’s paintings, Rubinstein asked contributors to write a letter. Perhaps the most important difference between a conventional exhibition review … read more… “Dear Tamara, and other letters about art”

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Report from Nashville

Adrienne Outlaw, the wonderfully creative director of Nashville Cultural Arts Project and Seed Space, a non-profit exhibition and project initiative, invited me to Nashville last week to speak at the “Insight? Outta Site!” lecture series and to visit artists’ studios. Funded by a Tennessee Arts Commission”s Arts Build Communities grant, the conversation took place at … read more… “Report from Nashville”