In LA: Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s woven paper grids

CB1 presents intriguing new pieces by Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia this month. His work references diverse sources ranging from personal anecdotes to art-historical and ethnographic motifs, and takes structural and organizational cues from Scottish Tartan, basket weaving, and abstract painting. Segovia paints the paper, then weaves the painted strips into large, oddly shaped pieces that can be viewed from all sides. In the LA Times David Pagel writes that Segovia’s penchant for “hinting at things proves to be more potent than laying them bare.” Too bad the show comes down before I head out to Los Angeles for the CAA conference at the end of the month.

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, installation view of “Papel Tejido” at CB1 Gallery.

Great image on the exhibition announcement.

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia: Papel tejido,” CB 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Through 

February 19, 2012


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4 thoughts on “In LA: Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s woven paper grids”

  1. Lorenzo's work resonates with the Venezuelan-German artists work by Gego, specifically her Tejeduras de papel. Lorenzo uses color and pattern exquisitely.
    I wish I could see this exhibition in person.


    –Daniela Campins

  2. Daniela, interesting that you picked up on that as he also mentioned the work in his talk at the gallery today, Along with other artistic and cultural influences.


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