Part I: Where is Joshua Abelow?

Over the summer Joshua Abelow, painter and editor of ART BLOG ART BLOG, started a gallery (also called ART BLOG ART BLOG) in a Chelsea space generously donated by Abelow’s former boss (and friend), Ross Bleckner. Abelow invited friends and acquaintances to organize quick two-week exhibitions that mimicked the fast pace of his blog, and … read more… “Part I: Where is Joshua Abelow?”

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PEM seeks painters for Michael Lin murals

The Peabody Essex Museum needs ten artists to make two huge murals for Michael Lin‘s FreePort project. Back in the late 1990s, Lin began enlarging ornamental fabric designs in architectural installations and has since created murals all over the world.  Sometimes his installations provide new functions – café, discussion platform, or skateboard park. Other times, … read more… “PEM seeks painters for Michael Lin murals”

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New York artist wins Bravo’s art competition

New York artist Kymia Nawabi beat out contestants Young Sun and Sara in the final episode of Bravo’s Work of Art last week. Her winning exhibition, which looks far more sophisticated than the exhibition mounted by last year’s winner, is on display at The Brooklyn Museum through February 5, 2012. Congratualtions to Kymia, and good … read more… “New York artist wins Bravo’s art competition”

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IMAGES: Michael Van Winkle

I just received these images from Michael Van Winkle, a painter who lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts. He says he explores the relationship between common household objects and the rarefied art world in a fast paced and disorderly daily practice wherein particular places, histories and narratives unfold within the fluid context of abstract painting. His work … read more… “IMAGES: Michael Van Winkle”

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2012 Whitney Biennial: Long on video and film, short on painting

Last week the list of artists selected for the 2012 Whitney Biennial was leaked, and everyone scrambled to see who was on it. Few of the names were familiar to me other than painters Nicole Eisenman, Andrew Masullo; artists Mike Kelley, Liz Deschenes, Vincent Fecteau, Nick Mauss, and Elaine Reichek; and filmmakers Fredrick Wiseman (a … read more… “2012 Whitney Biennial: Long on video and film, short on painting”


Art history lesson

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a freelance writing project, which takes me to unexpected periods on the art history timeline. As an undergraduate art history major who didn’t start painting until several years later, I studied the paintings from an academic perspective, so stumbling across these old familiar images now that … read more… “Art history lesson”

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Mel Bochner: Babble, blather, blabber

Bilge, blarney, bunk. Mel Bochner has been exploring the intersections of linguistic and visual representation for over 45 years. The excellently verbose exhibition at the National Gallery of Art (through April 2012) includes 43 thesaurus-inspired paintings and drawings, including Money, Die, Useless, Obscene, and Sputter; a new monochrome painting (Blah, Blah, Blah); and four major … read more… “Mel Bochner: Babble, blather, blabber”

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Notes to MFA students about Final Critiques

This week I participated in final critiques for the MFA programs at the Hoffberger School of Painting and Brooklyn College. I had a terrific time with Joan Waltemath, Raphael Rubinstein (who has a new article about abstract painting underway), Jennifer McCoy, Archie Rand and so many other interesting artists. Overall, the student work was excellent, … read more… “Notes to MFA students about Final Critiques”


Last Chance: Idiot’s Delight at Janet Kurnatowski

Curated by Craig Olson, “Idiot’s Delight” at Janet Kurnatowski  is about joy, materiality, a wholehearted embrace of the impractical. “It’s an idiot’s delight, blowing like a circle around our skulls, blowing through the buttons of our coats,” Olson writes in his statement.  “It carries and encourages us to seek these improbable ends, the conception and … read more… “Last Chance: Idiot’s Delight at Janet Kurnatowski”

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A painter covers Miami

Extensive multi-post photo coverage of the Miami art fairs is underway at Joanne Mattera Art Blog. Unlike other bloggers who cover Miami, Mattera’s posts are heavily weighted toward painting and visual trends rather than video, conceptual or installation projects. “There were some recurring themes throughout the fairs: spider webs–indeed, webs, laces and strings of all … read more… “A painter covers Miami”

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