Vicki Sher: New work

Last week during a torrential downpour, I stopped by Vicki Sher’s Gowanus studio to check out a slew of new work, most of which is delicate drawings on paper. Thinking about essential language, both verbal and visual, Sher is interested in how we find compelling ways to communicate, even with limited means. After spending a fair amount of time curating two good shows last year, she’s working toward a solo at Frosch & Portmann in March. Here are some images from my visit.

 Vicki at her work table with a large still-life drawing, pieced together from several sheets of paper,  on the wall behind her. Look for it at Pulse in Miami in December.

Detail of sewn shapes from one of Sher’s drawings.

BONUS: This Thursday, stop by Frosch & Portmann where Robert Yoder, who has been nominated for the Seattle Genius Awards, will be presenting new work. Yoder is the founder/director of Season, one of Seattle’s most innovative galleries.

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