Quote of the Day: Michael Graves

 “When you’re painting,” architect Michael Graves said, “you start with the sweep of the landscape, but then as you start to recompose it and fill it in, you often find yourself painted into a corner. The escape from the corner — that’s the best part of it, the most exciting moment.” (via NY Times) “Michael … read more… “Quote of the Day: Michael Graves”

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Dan Bayles: Built on sand

  Dan Bayles, “(Site Photo 5) Khan Bani Saad Correctional Facility,” 2009, mixed media on canvas, 18 x 24″ Dan Bayles, “(Site Photo 2) Khan Bani Saad Correctional Facility,” 2009,  mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40″  Dan Bayles, “(Site Photo 25) Khan Bani Saad Correctional Facility,” 2009, mixed media on canvas, 72 x 80″ … read more… “Dan Bayles: Built on sand”


IMAGES: Karen Schifano

Karen Schifano, “New House,” 2008, oil on canvas, 20 x 30″  Karen Schifano, “Gangplank,” 2009, oil on canvas, 84 x 40″ Twice in the past few weeks I’ve picked Karen Schifano‘s paintings out of large group shows. Primarily I’m drawn to the metaphorical possibilities presented by linear perspective, but Schifano’s evocative color and palpable sense … read more… “IMAGES: Karen Schifano”


Timothy Buckwalter’s vision

 Installation view: Cliff Hengst, wall drawing (in progress), acrylic paint on wall.  Installation view: Timothy Buckwalter, Sharon Butler, John Zurier, Mia Brown. Installation view: Elaine Bradford, Elaine Bradford, Danny Thach. Installation view:  John Zurier, Timothy Buckwalter, Timothy Buckwalter, Sharon Butler, Willie Harris.  Installation view: John Zurier, Chris Ashley, Sharon Butler, Jeremy Burleson .  Installation view: Chris Ashley, … read more… “Timothy Buckwalter’s vision”


IMAGES: Stephen Maine

Stephen Maine, “Smoke picture (orange/purple),” 2009, acrylic on panel, 12 x 12″ At Sideshow in Brooklyn last week, I saw one of painter/critic Stephen Maine’s small, intensely-colored smoke pictures. “This series is new,” Maine says. “It is called Rauchbilden, or, ‘Smoke pictures,’ and addresses the dubious nature of image-making at the present moment. Touchstones are … read more… “IMAGES: Stephen Maine”


NY Times Art in Review: Piotr Uklanski

 Piotr Uklanski, Untitled (Atomic Ovum), 2010, fiber-active dye on oxidized cotton textile stretched over cotton canvas, 88 7/8 x 93 3/4″  Piotr Uklanski,”Jupiter Glow,” 2010, fiber-active dye on oxidized cotton textile stretched over cotton canvas, 61 3/8 x 75″  Installation view. Images courtesy of Gagosian. Photography by Robert McKeever. Piotr Uklanski (b. 1968, Warsaw) is … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Piotr Uklanski”

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A Bushwick painter

Check out the James Kalm Report from Deborah Brown’s show at Lesley Heller. “For the last five years Deborah Brown has painted images of her Bushwick neighborhood. During that time she has also been one of the area’s most staunch supporters. But it wasn’t until she opened STOREFRONT Gallery last year that things really started … read more… “A Bushwick painter”

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Joe Bradley, Part II: A brand they can trust

 Joe Bradley, installation views at Canada. Reading the statement for Joe Bradley’s exhibition at Canada (which runs concurrently with the Ab Ex-y paintings on view at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise that I wrote about yesterday), and looking at the goofy silhouetted images, I wondered if this was a script from Saturday Night Live. After all, as … read more… “Joe Bradley, Part II: A brand they can trust”

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Joe Bradley meets Ab Ex

 Joe Bradley, installation views at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. Joe Bradley, “Pigpen (#2),” 2010, oil on canvas, 97 x 72″ Joe Bradley, “Mouth and Foot (Ichthus),” 2010, oil on canvas, 78 1/4 x 100″ I like the look of Joe Bradley’s new paintings at Gavin Brown and the hallucinatory conflation of the painting process with taking … read more… “Joe Bradley meets Ab Ex”

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Sam Gilliam’s monoprint project

Sam Gilliam, “Printing on the World 3,” 2010, oil based monotype,acrylic paint, powdered pigment, 30 x 22” Renée Stout, “Rusted Sign,”2010, oil based monotype with mixed media, 30 x 22” Tom Green, “Charred I,” 2010, acrylic on oil based, monotype, 30 x 22” Installation view. “In Unison: 20 Washington, DC Artists,” an exhibition derived from … read more… “Sam Gilliam’s monoprint project”