Worlds collide: Larry David in Chelsea

The other day I went to Chelsea to check out “Making Sense,” Jen Dalton’s Saltzy exhibition at the Flag Art Foundation, when I ran into comic genius/ conceptual artist Larry David. Completely unprepared for the early-afternoon downpour, I had no raincoat or umbrella, and Larry, wearing gobs of pancake makeup and a hooded plastic slicker, had a hovering, umbrella-wielding assistant pushing him forward while shielding him from the driving rain.

“Hey Larry!” I blurted as we passed.
“Hello!” he shouted, turning slightly (perhaps trying to initiate a stop-and-chat?) but I kept moving due to the deluge. The neighborhood was lined with film production trailers, a buffet was set up under a tent outside Betty Cuningham (sensitive Rackstraw Downes charcoal studies on toothy tinted paper, btw) and Moti Hasson’s old space on 25th Street had been fenced off for the shoot. According to signs taped to the trucks, they were filming an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” David’s exquisitely mean-spirited, darkly funny show on HBO.

Down the street when I passed Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry’s ever-enabling agent/sidekick, I dopily thanked them for including the art world in an episode. But then I began to worry: what kind of twisted plotline would bring Larry to a gallery in Chelsea, and more importantly, what kind of outlandish skewering is in store? No doubt it will be unimaginably humiliating and hilarious all at once. I’m looking forward.

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