Greater New York online preview

  “Simultaneously” – MEN, Leidy Churchman’s video features dancing brushes, mops, spatter, and lots of paint.  Greater New York, the third iteration of the quintennial exhibition organized by MoMA PS1 and The Museum of Modern Art, includes  68 artists and collectives living and working in the metropolitan New York area. The exhibition, which opens on … read more… “Greater New York online preview”


Charles Cohan: Losing the original amidst repetition

Charles Cohan, “MGP09.X-XVII,” 2010, colagraph print, 46 x 40,” edition of one. For the next day or two, I’ll be lurking around the museums and galleries in DC. One of my favorite DC galleries is Curator’s Office, Andrea Pollan’s micro-gallery/office space on 14th Street. She shows small-scale work-on-paper, installations, and photography, and periodically invites a … read more… “Charles Cohan: Losing the original amidst repetition”

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Pat Steir: Effusively minimalist

Pat Steir applying a soap ground, San Francisco 1993. Image courtesy Crown Point Press. In the Boston Globe, Sebastian Smee reports that increasingly he finds himself recoiling from the obsession with drawing that art institutions have “whipped into a kind of cult, as if putting pencil or charcoal to paper were somehow imbued with spiritual … read more… “Pat Steir: Effusively minimalist”


Martin Bromirski’s universe

Check out Martin Bromirski’s scrappy, small-scale abstractions at John Davis through Saturday. Besides working in his studio, Bromirski blogs at anaba. The charm of Bromirski’s paintings is that he always goes too far, but somehow manages to make it work. In 2006, his work was featured on PaintersNYC. “This is an evocative little image,” Bill … read more… “Martin Bromirski’s universe”


Who is Charline von Heyl?

Charline von Heyl at Friedrich Petzel, installation views. Charline von Heyl was born in 1960 in Germany and has been living and working in New York since 1994. Her work has been exhibited both in the United States and abroad, including solo exhibitions at Westlondonprojects, London; Le Consortium, Dijon; the Dallas Museum of Art and … read more… “Who is Charline von Heyl?”


An artist’s estate

Louis B. Sloan, “Frost Valley in the Catskills,”1995, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Unlike most artists whose families quietly throw all their work in a dumpster after they die, Louis B. Sloan’s family is fighting over his paintings. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Sloan had been dead only a few hours when relatives … read more… “An artist’s estate”


Heffernan: “I grew up looking at a picture of Jesus”

Julie Heffernan,”Self Portrait as Budding Boy,” 2010, oil on canvas, 78 x 56″ In Art in America Perrin Drumm reports on a studio visit with Julie Heffernan, who has an upcoming show at PPOW this month. “‘There’s just so much that our modern world doesn’t offer that you only get in old paintings,’ says Julie … read more… “Heffernan: “I grew up looking at a picture of Jesus””


Amy Sillman: The O-G Volume 3

While visiting Amy Sillman’s exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins this month, readers can pick up the latest volume of The O-G for a buck. Folded inside the low-budget artist booklet is a small poster, “Some Problems in Philosophy,” sort of a crib sheet to understanding the famous philosophers and their theories, from Descartes through Derrida. In … read more… “Amy Sillman: The O-G Volume 3”


And the winner is…everybody

In March of this year, the Mindshare Awards, acknowledging innovative websites that support lifelong learning, creativity, professional skills, or social responsibility in 25 categories, were announced. The awards, from, a PR-savvy organization that aims to connect non-traditional college students with online programs and universities – admittedly for profit – targeted 25 categories, such as … read more… “And the winner is…everybody”


Victor Pesce is dead

Victor Pesce, “Turn of the shoe,” 2009, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24 1/8″ Victor Pesce, “Coffee pot on a shelf,” 2009, oil on canvas, 16 1/8 x12-1/8″ Victor Pesce, “Harbor 3,” 2009, oil on canvas, 24 1/8 ” x 30″ Victor Pesce, “Harbor 2,” 2009, oil on canvas, 12″ x 16 1/8″ Victor Pesce, … read more… “Victor Pesce is dead”

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