Bill Weiss go round

Bill Weiss, “untitled #36,” 2009, acrylic, oil stick and board on canvas 36 x 60″

Back in 1998 Dominique Nahas wrote that Weiss’s paintings have a ramshackle physicality that strikes us with their sense of urgent immediacy. “These paintings work on you as slowly and surely as the wind, the sea, and the trees; they become part of you if you give them time.” Talking about his process, Weiss said he enlarges small drawings and uses this magnified version as a template in order to start the painting. “I am making an actual painting that starts as an enlarged version of a tiny drawing, which is, in turn, a drawing of an imaginary painting, a painting that I want to make.”
Bill Weiss: Variations,” Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY. Through October 10.

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