“Artists have to chart their own path”

At Art21, Hrag talks to Austin Thomas about making art, being an artist, and her latest project, Art Stumbles. “After completing Pocket Utopia, a 2-year, community-based salon project in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, I’ve started organizing art walking tours called Art Stumbles. These tours offer up food for thought, refreshments and refreshing perspectives on the art geography of a particular place. Until recently, Pocket Utopia was a place for showing other artists’ work, and I thought of it as an extension of my own artwork. I re-engaged my ideas by constructing a social space. I learned what it really meant to be an artist running Pocket Utopia. Being an artist is about creating a community and contributing to that community. It is also about making good work and doing-it-yourself. Artists have to be in charge of their own artist development and they have to chart their own path.” Read more.

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