“When artists get cash, they spend it both quickly and carefully.”

Jackson Pollock entering his studio. From the Smithsonian Archives. Felix Salmon writes in this month’s issue of The Atlantic that a good way to jump start the economy would be to pay the artists, who are among the very poorest citizens. “We’re living in a newly frugal world. But the rediscovered values of thrift and … read more… ““When artists get cash, they spend it both quickly and carefully.””


Michael Chabon: Children are cartographers

Map of Middle Earth. “Childhood is a branch of cartography. Most great stories of adventure, from The Hobbit to Seven Pillars of Wisdom, come furnished with a map. That’s because every story of adventure is in part the story of a landscape, of the interrelationship between human beings (or Hobbits, as the case may be) … read more… “Michael Chabon: Children are cartographers”


Torsten Slama in Houston

Torsten Slama, “Walt Whitman Memorial Refinery/Walt-Whitman-Gedenk-Raffinerie,” 2005, India ink on illustration board, 28 x 40 inches. Collection Beth Rudin de Woody, New York Rebecca Cochran reports in ArtForum that Berlin-based artist Torsten Slama’s first museum show features an unnerving postapocalyptic world. “Part science fiction, part prophecy, his desolate landscape paintings and drawings depict a sinister, … read more… “Torsten Slama in Houston”

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Rockburne’s mural-making at the Queens Museum

In the NY Times, Patricia Cohen reports on the Art in Embassies program. The Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies, a nonprofit group chaired by Robert Storr, works with the State Department to create and donate custom-made artwork for American outposts abroad. They’ve commissioned about a dozen large-scale installations including one that Dorothea Rockburne … read more… “Rockburne’s mural-making at the Queens Museum”

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New post at Art21: Art Reality TV

No matter how hard I try, avoiding reality TV is a challenge. The shows are like invasive kudzu: Nanny 911, Extreme Makeover, The Housewives of New Jersey, Jon & Kate, The Price of Beauty, COPS, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and many, many more. This fall I’ll be avoiding American Artist, Sarah … read more… “New post at Art21: Art Reality TV”

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Guest blogger post at Art21: Whatever became of…

Mel Bochner’s new book, Solar System & Rest Rooms: Writings and Interviews, 1965–2007, is a compilation of his writing, both about art and as art. The book opens with thirty-five sharp, pithy reviews he wrote for Arts Magazine in the sixties. The editor paid $2.50 per review whether they were published or not, so Bochner … read more… “Guest blogger post at Art21: Whatever became of…”

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Artist residency looking for applicants in Portland

According to D.K. Row at The Oregonian, the artist condo enclave in Montavilla, Milepost 5, is looking for artist residency applicants. Deadline for applications was recently extended from June 30 to July 15. “According to Milepost 5’s Web site, the visiting artist for the program gets to live for free in a furnished space for … read more… “Artist residency looking for applicants in Portland”

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The OC: Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, Agnes Martin and Florence Miller Pierce

Agnes Pelton,”Incarnation,” 1929 In the LA Times blog, Christopher Knight reports that “the kernel of a powerful idea resides within ‘Illumination,’ an exhibition of abstract paintings by four women who worked in the deserts of the American Southwest and whose careers pretty much spanned the 20th century. But the kernel never really pops.” Read more. … read more… “The OC: Georgia O’Keeffe, Agnes Pelton, Agnes Martin and Florence Miller Pierce”


Smack Mellon relying on young painters for fundraising?

Julian Kreimer, “Barred Arcade,” oil on linen, 13 x 13 inches. To raise money for Smack Mellon, artists Kristopher Benedict, David Goodman, Julian Kreimer, Andy Lane, Amy Lincoln, Rebecca Litt, Jason Mones and Helena Wurzel have agreed to paint portraits for an evening at Michael Steinberg Fine Art. According to the invitation, each sitting will … read more… “Smack Mellon relying on young painters for fundraising?”