Studio Update: 246 Editions selection committee

When Matthew Langley asked me if he could publish my work in the first round of affordable digital prints at 246 Editions, I quickly agreed. Matt has a good eye and fine attention to detail, and the Peter Dayton print I received in the mail this week is stunning. Now, after much dithering about what image to submit, I’ve decided to use a drawing-collage from one of my sketchbooks. I hate to admit that I watch TV while I draw, but I’ve found that it keeps me from overthinking the images, and so every night I work on my books in front of the boob tube. I scanned the pages into the computer, then composited them in Photoshop. Big thanks to John Davis and JH, a low-profile work-on-paper collector who stopped by over the long weekend, for helping me decide what to select. Here are scans of a few spreads. The books are nothing fancy, just 8.5″ x 5.5″ perfect-bound vinyl-covered books from Utrechts.

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7 thoughts on “Studio Update: 246 Editions selection committee”

  1. Sharon,

    These are beautiful – they really conjure up a certain kind of landscape for me! I appreciate how much they echo your paintings but they’re an independent entity on their own, too. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. There’s no shame in watching TV while drawing. Good TV, with well composed images and engaging content, can be just as stimulating as listening to a great record.

  3. Especially when you have all the back episodes of The Wire or Breaking Bad or Dexter…


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