Introducing 246 Editions

246 Editions, a new DC-based art gallery/project dedicated to creating high-quality, affordable, limited edition prints by steadfast artists, has announced that their first edition, coming out any day now, will feature work by painter Peter Dayton. I spoke with 246 Editions Creative Director Matthew Langley this afternoon from my dreary Willimantic office. “Peter’s blend of high modernism and surf culture runs in parallel with our high art / low cost approach, and demonstrates the spirit with which we began the project,” he said. “By keeping the work affordable, I want to attract people who have never considered buying art before…and at the same time help artists weather these tough economic times.”

Here’s the roster of artists whose work 246 Editions will publish this year. Stay tuned for more information as the editions are released.

Douglas Witmer –
Matthew Langley –
Sharon Butler –
Jeffery Cortland Jones –
JT Kirkland –
Martin Bromirski –
Peter Dayton –
Austin Thomas –
Steven Alexander –
Susan Dory –
Isaac Layman –
Grant Hamilton –

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