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“HOME,” Westport Arts Center Main Gallery April 3 – June 1, 2009
Westport Arts Center’s exhibition HOME, curated by Eric Aho, features paintings and drawings that touch on the mental, physical and emotional connections to home. According to Aho, “These artists point out that the range of our associations with ‘home’ is as wide and varied as our own unique circumstances. Through their work we are reminded that the notion of home is seldom a fixed idea. Instead, it is as conditional as our memory and vulnerable to change without notice.” The drawings and paintings Aho selected for the exhibition range from the 1920s to the present, highlighting artists’ perennial interest in and the shifting attitudes toward the topic of home. Artists include Debra Bermingham (b.1953), Charles Burchfield (1893–1967), Quentin Curry (b. 1972), Edwin Dickinson (1891–1978), Soren (b. 1975) and Rayna deNiord (b.1978), Lois Dodd (b.1927), Kim Dorland (b.1974), Duncan Hannah (b.1952), Lousia Matthíasdóttir (1917-2000), Kristine Moran (b. 1974), Shane Neufeld (b.1982), George Nick (b.1927), Devin O’Neill (b.1971), Fairfield Porter (1907–1975), Charles Ritchie (b.1954).May 7: Curator talk with Eric Aho, 7:00 pm“Valeri Larko: Urban Edges,” Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. April 5-June 21, 2009. Larko, who spends a lot of time wandering around the vast industrial parks that have become a common part of our environment, paints en plein air at the fringes of the city.
For more information check out www.hunterdonartmuseum.org/
Check out Larko’s paintings at www.valerilarko.com

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