Alex Katz’s “delicate craquelure”

In my little attic workroom, progress continues on a series of small paintings I started this past summer in Beacon, NY. While squeezing the ivory black onto my palette this morning, I kept thinking about “Swamp Maple,” a 1968 painting by Alex Katz (image above) that I saw at the National Gallery last week. Everywhere … read more… “Alex Katz’s “delicate craquelure””


Last chance: Dawn Black at Curator’s Office in DC

Curator’s Office, a tiny corner space in one of DC’s few gallery buildings, has one more day with Dawn Black‘s mysterious and delicately painted watercolor, ink, and gouache works on paper. Black paints small-scale portraits of individuals wearing masks, uniforms, couture fashion, prison garb, ethnic attire, and other random eccentric forms of concealment.The figures are … read more… “Last chance: Dawn Black at Curator’s Office in DC”

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Picassify it

In the NY Times Carol Vogel wonders what Picasso was thinking during the final years of his life, when he was living in Notre-Dame-de-Vie on the French Riviera, obsessively producing images of musketeers and matadors, twisted couples and haunted women laced with obvious art-historical references or simply drawn from his fertile imagination. His unflagging confidence … read more… “Picassify it”

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The nature of space: Reading list

Rhizome Contributing Editor Marisa Olson has put together a basic reading list that will interest anyone exploring experimental geography. In recent years, access to geographical tools and data collection has expanded rapidly, allowing many artists to rethink their relationship to the earth and geographical study. The list (pasted below) includes key theoretical texts on the … read more… “The nature of space: Reading list”

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Ian Whitmore and Graham Caldwell: DC artists move to NYC

Ian Whitmore, who, according to Washington Post’s Blake Gopnik, is one of DC’s most promising young painters, has recently moved to Brooklyn. “In NYC, he gets ‘a big inspiration from something’ at least once a week, from the music scene to the latest art in Chelsea to the Old Masters at the great museums (Whitmore’s … read more… “Ian Whitmore and Graham Caldwell: DC artists move to NYC”

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Two Coats’ movie pick: Adventureland

Director Greg Mottola (Daytrippers and Superbad) has been called the new John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, etc.), but Mottola’s films are much grittier, infused with a singular indie-angsty sophistication. In New York, David Edelstein writes that Mottola “plays old songs in new keys and strikes dissonant, unsettling notes.” The … read more… “Two Coats’ movie pick: Adventureland”

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Upcoming shows: Inside and out

“HOME,” Westport Arts Center Main Gallery April 3 – June 1, 2009Westport Arts Center’s exhibition HOME, curated by Eric Aho, features paintings and drawings that touch on the mental, physical and emotional connections to home. According to Aho, “These artists point out that the range of our associations with ‘home’ is as wide and varied … read more… “Upcoming shows: Inside and out”

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Guston: Laugh out loud?

On Spring Break this week, I’ve been invited down to DC for a day or two where, besides staying in a swanky Jetson-style hotel, I’m looking forward to visiting a few galleries at Logan Circle and stopping by the National Gallery of Art to see the permanent Mel Bochner installation and the Philip Guston show. … read more… “Guston: Laugh out loud?”

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April Gornik: Painting has an “undeniable gravitas”

In qi peng‘s Salt Lake City Fine Arts Examiner interview with April Gornik, qi asks Gornik, who had a solo show at Danese in November 2008, how she feels about current trends in new media and conceptual art. Here’s an excerpt from their lengthy conversation.qi peng: Do you feel that there is a certain strength … read more… “April Gornik: Painting has an “undeniable gravitas””

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Some old gold: 2006 interview with Howard Hodgkin

Thanks Jen Mazza for posting this link to novelist Colm Tóibín’s 2006 Guardian interview with Howard Hodgkin. Apparently Hodgkin dislikes talking about his paintings and has never let anyone watch him work, so Tóibín’s interview is fairly rare. “The term colourist, Hodgkin says, has no meaning except in terms of very bad art. The idea … read more… “Some old gold: 2006 interview with Howard Hodgkin”

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