Closing reception this week: Lost & Found

If you’re in the Hartford area, swing by the artists’ (closing) reception on Thursday, February 5, 4:30-6:30 for “Lost & Found – Fragments Assembling Realities,” at the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism Gallery. Artist/organizer John O’Donnell writes that the artists selected for the show “sift through their cultural, visual and physical surroundings to create … read more… “Closing reception this week: Lost & Found”

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Line: Evidence of movement and purpose

In Fearful Symmetry, Northrop Frye wrote that a “line is a denial of all inertia and paralysis, all doubt and hesitation…(it) is both movement and purpose: whatever the medium of the art, the line exists neither in time or space, but in their eternal and infinite union.” Poet Susan Goldwitz has curated a show about … read more… “Line: Evidence of movement and purpose”

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Cindy Bernard: Can you hear me?

In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid writes that Cindy Bernard‘s poignant show at Boston Center for the Arts’ Mills Gallery evokes the far-flung community of ham radio operators who kept in touch long before the Internet and blogging made world-building so common. “Artist Cindy Bernard’s grandfather, Bill Adams, got his license to operate a ham … read more… “Cindy Bernard: Can you hear me?”

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Bonnard: Folding together form, color and feeling

Roberta Smith on Pierre Bonnard at the Met: “Working simultaneously on several unstretched canvases tacked directly to the wall, he painted largely from memory with the help of quick sketches and watercolors, burnishing his motifs until they approached incandescence. He said that painting from reality distracted him from the task of making the painting a … read more… “Bonnard: Folding together form, color and feeling”

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“I’ll have my Facebook portrait painted by Matt Held”

For years Brooklyn artist Matt Held painted portraits from old family photos, but this past Thanksgiving he began using Facebook portraits as source material. On his blog he writes that one day his wife was playing around with the computer, took a picture of herself in iPhoto – her interpretation of what she looked like … read more… ““I’ll have my Facebook portrait painted by Matt Held””


How to get attention: Give blogs the love

Here are some of the artists and bloggers who have recently confessed that they’re regular Two Coats of Paint readers. I recently received a note from Carrie Elston, editor in chief of Mapcidy, that Two Coats of Paint is listed among Mapcidy’s top art blogs in NYC. According to their website, which has interactivity galore, … read more… “How to get attention: Give blogs the love”

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“I’m like some demented duckling stuck on this island”

Via artnet: “Another month, another art critic shown the door by a major paper. This time it’s Regina Hackett, longtime correspondent for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. A representative of Hearst Newspapers swung by the paper’s office Friday, Jan. 9, 2009, to tell the staff that, ‘Journalism is a fabulous profession, but it is a business,’ and … read more… ““I’m like some demented duckling stuck on this island””

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Michael Dailey’s “painterly landscape abstraction” in Seattle

In the Seattle P-I, Regina Hackett writes about old-school painter Michael Dailey. “On the West Coast, from Northern California to Seattle, a gestural kind of painterly landscape abstraction took root in the 1950s and 1960s, sometimes but not always with figures in it. Prime movers included David Park, Joan Brown, Elmer Bishop, Manuel Neri, Nathan … read more… “Michael Dailey’s “painterly landscape abstraction” in Seattle”

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Odd but frequent bedfellows, beauty and horror, on Long Island

Artist and critic Stephen Maine sends news that he has curated a show at Alpan Gallery in Huntington, Long Island, “Beauty Marks and Body Parts,” that kicks off the gallery’s guest curatorial program. Alpan, founded by Nese Karakaplan in 1987, is a non-profit space whose stated mission is to support artistic experimentation, multinational discourse, and … read more… “Odd but frequent bedfellows, beauty and horror, on Long Island”

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I like line, too

McKenzie Fine Art presents “Linear Abstraction,” which examines of a few of the ways in which artists are using line in abstract imagery these days. Here’s an overview: Mark Dagley paints spherical webs of interlaced lines that reference information technologies and social networking sites. Gilbert Hsiao uses optically-charged, shaped canvases, vibrant color and repeating op-art … read more… “I like line, too”

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