The year in Art Blogging

Here are our favorite moments in art blogging from 2008, in no particular order:
• When Pearl Montana, a Canadian oil-and-gas company, wanted to drill for oil near Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, high-minded Tyler Green (Modern Art Notes), pulling out all the stops with in-depth daily coverage, managed to draw enough mainstream media attention to have the drilling proposal suspended.
• The art blogger tribe defended feisty C-Monster against the LA Times’ brazen name grab, which we won’t mention here. And still haven’t added to the Two Coats link list.
• New York Mag art critic and Pulitzer Prize nominee Jerry Saltz, acknowledging art bloggers’ relevance and wide-spread readership, responded with an apology to Anaba’s criticism crit. Later in the year, Saltz amusingly titled one of his reviews “Two Coats of Painting.” That’s a blog reference, right?
• During the New York art fairs in March, Art Bloggers @ organized a blogger panel discussion where we met the humble aesthetes responsible for our favorite blogs.
• Bloggers embraced Facebook and Twitter, strengthening our online community through events notification, status updates, and 140-character “What are you doing?” posts. Of course we’re still not sure what to do with all those damn gifts, snowballs, hugs, and pokes sitting in the Notifications file….
• Hardworking CultureGrrl, after reading about blogging addiction, admitted her powerlessness over the blog. She vowed to step back from the daily grind, but predictably has continued posting nonetheless, recently uncovering the unfortunate deaccessions at the beleaguered National Academy.
• And last but not least, powerhouse blogger Paddy Johnson (Art Fag City) teamed up with non-profit Brooklyn gallery Momenta Art and conducted a successful online appeal to fund AFC. Hey Paddy–it’s a brilliant idea; our check’s in the mail!

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7 thoughts on “The year in Art Blogging”

  1. We haven’t added the name-grabbers to our links either. We do get a lot of hits from Two Coats of Paint, so thank you for having us on there. Happy blogging!

  2. hi… i’m in very near pocket utopia through january… i’ll stop in and say hi during your residency for sure.

    and hopefully attend the get-together… i’d really like to meet joanne m. and the others.

  3. Sharon,
    A big thanks for your great posts this year. What you do is unique among the art blogs and it’s much appreciated–as is your writing for The Brooklyn Rail.

    See you in January at your Utopia Salon. (You too, Martin!)

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