Lauri Chambers: Just simply look

“Content is revealed by process…to understand my work it must simply be looked at. I want the encounter to be very, very quiet.” Francine Seders Gallery presents Lauri Chambers’s well-worked black and white paintings this month. In the Seattle P-I, Rgina Hackett writes that Chambers locates the impure pleasure of painting within the world of … read more… “Lauri Chambers: Just simply look”

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Sean Landers: Anticipating the “pathological narcissism of the blogosphere”

Sean Landers is best known for his layered text paintings, which typically advertise his artistic triumphs and failures in tragicomic fashion. In his current installation, “Set of Twelve,” at Friedrich Petzel, Landers reconfigures a series of videos he made in 1990 that feature obsessive monologues spoken rather than painted. Appearing in his empty studio, speaking … read more… “Sean Landers: Anticipating the “pathological narcissism of the blogosphere””

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Jonathan Lasker’s impishness rascality

Jonathan Lasker celebrates the act of making in highly controlled compositions of thick impasto elements and dense linear circuitry. Using color, silhouette, and pattern, Lasker invents a fresh vocabulary of abstract signifier and painterly glyph. “In The Oregonian, DK Row reports that Lasker, especially in the larger paintings, is like a cartographer of the abstract, … read more… “Jonathan Lasker’s impishness rascality”

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New Orleans Biennial: 81 people running around with good ideas

In the NY Times Shaila Dewan reports on “Prospect.1,” the first New Orleans Biennial. Opening on November 1 and running for eleven weeks, the biennial is the largest international contemporary art festival ever organized in the United States. “Billed as the largest exhibition of contemporary art ever held on American soil, the biennial is intended … read more… “New Orleans Biennial: 81 people running around with good ideas”

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Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating

Harry Swartz-Turfle of Daily Gusto reports on Ron Gorchov’s lecture at the Studio School. “Speaking at the NY Studio School last night, artist Ron Gorchov recalled seeing a frustrated painter friend kicking work off a balcony in the mid-1960s. At that moment it occurred to Gorchov that ‘It’s important to do something you really want … read more… “Ron Gorchov: Fields of color floating”

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Playing for Fung in Santa Fe

Here’s an excerpt from the press materials for “Lucky Number Seven,” the SITE Santa Fe 2008 Biennial curated by Lance M. Fung: “The entire project proposes an alternative to the current format of biennials, which has evolved in recent years into international mega-exhibitions studded with big-name, well-traveled artists…. All of the works for ‘Lucky Number … read more… “Playing for Fung in Santa Fe”


Philip Pearlstein’s “saucer of formalism”

The Montclair Museum’s retrospective of Philip Pearlstein’s work includes an award-winning artwork from high school, expressionist works of the 1950s, post-1961 female and male studio nudes, lesser-known landscapes and cityscapes, and a selection of portraits. Curator Patterson Sims spoke with The Star-Ledger’s art critic Dan Bischoff. “Philip told me, at one point, why he decided … read more… “Philip Pearlstein’s “saucer of formalism””

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Beatriz Milhazes: Culture eats culture

In the NY Times, Carol Kino profiles Brazilian painter Beatriz Milhazes, who currently has a show at James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea. “Beatriz Milhazes clearly considers herself a geometric abstractionist, those are hardly the first words that spring to mind when regarding her work. Squares often come laced with lines and dots, circles frequently mutate … read more… “Beatriz Milhazes: Culture eats culture”

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The art world’s downmarket retreat

Last year, my first article published in The Brooklyn Rail examined how an impending art market “correction” might affect artists. “In a fairly typical scenario, the gallery an artist has worked diligently to cultivate, having been powered by the bull art market, doesn’t make the rent when it turns bearish. The artist is left without … read more… “The art world’s downmarket retreat”


Patrick W. Welch: An untimely death in Chicago

I recently received a note from Gescheidle Projects that gallery artist and good friend Patrick W. Welch has passed away, leaving behind his wife Carrie Golus, and twin 5-year-old sons, Ben & Alex. Although the circumstances remain unspecified, his death at 43 is unexpected and unspeakably tragic. For many years Welch was a media and … read more… “Patrick W. Welch: An untimely death in Chicago”