Wendy White: One more day

Tomorrow is the last day to see Wendy White’s show at Leo Koenig, Inc.–my apologies for not posting it sooner. White’s loud abstract language alludes to the bombardment of the everyday. Urban sprawl, space junk, graffiti, buried hazardous material, and the accumulation of refuse, punctuated by heavy black areas that map a direct trail from … read more… “Wendy White: One more day”

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Everybody hearts painting, 4eva

“Painting: Now and Forever, Part II,” billed as “a highly subjective, celebratory survey of contemporary painting,” is a wonderfully seductive, understated show, at least the installation at Matthew Marks. The highlight for me was seeing one of Blinky Palermo‘s sewn fabric pieces for the first time. In The Village Voice, on the other hand, RC … read more… “Everybody hearts painting, 4eva”

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Damage report

In The Guardian Laura Barnett reports that sometimes visitors damage artwork, but more likely gallery staff are to blame. “Incidents of damage involving gallery visitors are few and far between; works of art stand a far greater chance of being destroyed at the hands of curators, picture handlers or cleaners. Most of the major galleries … read more… “Damage report”

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Studio pin-ups from Germany

The little pictures and postcards that artists hang on our studio walls create a visual guide to our artistic DNA. Over in the corner, or above our desks, images (often paint-smeared) are haphazardly taped to the wall as both reference for visitors and technical reminders to ourselves. I was chatting with a weary gallery owner … read more… “Studio pin-ups from Germany”

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Bussing in Harlem

On Saturday, August 9, everyone is invited to Harlem for a tour of the art galleries. Home of Romare Bearden (master collagist), Norman Lewis (abstract expressionist) and Jacob Lawrence (expressive figurative), Harlem is also a good place to find some less well known contemporary artists, too. Building on the success of the first ArtCrawl Harlem … read more… “Bussing in Harlem”

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Sharon Louden lights up Birmingham

In The Birmingham News Michael Huebner reports that The Birmingham Museum of Art has commissioned New York artist Sharon Louden to create 12 paintings that will connect the museum with its outdoor sculpture garden. As well as the 13×13-inch paintings, the exhibition, ‘Taking Turns,’ will include video animation and LED cable. Before the Sept. 28 … read more… “Sharon Louden lights up Birmingham”

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Roberta Smith’s advice to young artists: Learn to paint

In the NY Times, Roberta Smith reports that the artists included in “How Soon Is Now?” the 28th version of the annual culmination of the Bronx Museum’s Artist in the Marketplace, or AIM, program for emerging artists, need to think more deeply about the art they’re making before they begin to address career advancement. “The … read more… “Roberta Smith’s advice to young artists: Learn to paint”


Holland Cotter says weird can be cool but….

Gavin Brown Enterprise and Maccarone released an interesting curatorial statement for their star-studded joint group show, “Pretty Ugly.” “When you wake up in the morning, walk into the bathroom, and look at yourself in the mirror-raising the toothbrush to your stinking mouth-do you feel pretty or ugly? Dried drool in the eyes of the beholder. … read more… “Holland Cotter says weird can be cool but….”

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Anthony Lane’s tour de force

Anthony Lane’s seriously funny New Yorker review of “Mamma Mia!” is a must-read for anyone who likes criticism.”Like many people, I was under the impression that the new Meryl Streep film was called ‘Mamma Mia.’ The correct title is, in fact, ‘Mamma Mia!,’ and, in one keystroke, the exclamation mark tells you all you need … read more… “Anthony Lane’s tour de force”

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John Moores Painting Prize: Shortlist released

The shortlist for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize, the UK’s largest contemporary painting competition with a first prize of £25,000 and total fund of over £35,000, was announced yesterday. Artists Jake & Dinos Chapman, art critic Sacha Craddock, and artists Graham Crowley and Paul Morrison, both former John Moores Prize winners, are the judges. … read more… “John Moores Painting Prize: Shortlist released”

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