Rosa Loy’s Leipzig dreamworld

At artnet Charlie Finch absolutely swoons over Leipzig artist Rosa Loy’s new paintings. “Rosa is not afraid to blatantly paint-check her influences: languid nymphs sampling a long bolt of orange silk drifting down a hidden staircase are right out of Balthus and the knowing smiles of a tableful of women devouring turkeys are a sly dig at John Currin’s notorious Thanksgiving tableau. Sinister asides, such as a fetus in a brick of ice, evoke Dalí and Francis Bacon. If John Currin’s women talked back, fashioned their own narratives and then sacrificed Currin in a puff of smoke to a nearby wood nymph, they would be transformed into Rosa Loys. Her narrow mythos is seductive and diabolical, the season of the witch, pictures so sly, that you can’t resist. Neo Rauch is arch and wooden by comparison.” Read more.

Rosa Loy: Close to Me,” André Schlechtreim Contemporary, New York, NY. Through June 7.
Neo Rauch,” David Zwirner, New York, NY. Through June 21.

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