Where the paintings are

“If you emerged from the Whitney Biennial wondering where all the painting went, don’t despair,” Karen Rosenberg informs us in the NY Times this morning. “An alternative view of the state of contemporary art can be found at the National Academy’s annual exhibition. This year’s show is a non-member affair (alternate years are members-only), which … read more… “Where the paintings are”

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The tip of a psychic iceberg at MoMA

In the NY Times Ken Johnson declares that “Glossolalia: Languages of Drawing” is the most exciting exhibition of drawings the Museum of Modern Art has produced in years. “Organized by Connie Butler, the museum’s chief curator of drawings, it presents a delightfully unpredictable mix of about 100 works by two distinct groups: self-taught outsider artists … read more… “The tip of a psychic iceberg at MoMA”

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Cohen’s picks for June solo shows

David Cohen writes in the NY Sun that there are still several solos to catch in June before the galleries hang their summer group shows. I look forward to the group shows, but Cohen complains that writing about them is a bore. Here is his June painting preview, with links to the artists. “Jack Shainman … read more… “Cohen’s picks for June solo shows”

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Louis Cameron in St. Louis

In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Bonetti writes that initially he thought Louis Cameron’s paintings were in league with the hard-edged geometric abstraction of Mondrian, Ellsworth Kelly, and Burgoyne Diller, but then realized his approach is more conceptual. “The works from his recent ‘Tiles’ series are composed of rectangles of double squares that remind you … read more… “Louis Cameron in St. Louis”

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Piet in Pitt

If you’ve never been to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, you probably haven’t seen many of the Piet Mondrian paintings on view at the Andy Warhol Museum this summer. A leader in abstract painting of the twentieth century, Mondrian (1872 -1944), was best known for Neo-Plasticism, which he explained as the absolute harmony of straight … read more… “Piet in Pitt”

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Angela Dufresne: Immediately from life

Angela Dufresne’s work is included in “Get up off our Knees” at Monya Rowe through June 7th, and presented in a solo show, “Twilight of Mice and Men,” at the Kinkead Contemporary in Los Angeles. In the Huffington Post Kimberly Brooks features Dufresne in her weekly “First Person Artist” column. Kimberly Brooks: How did you … read more… “Angela Dufresne: Immediately from life”

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Takanori Oguiss: Another painting-in-a-dumpster story

“The colors weren’t attractive. The frame was ugly — this just wasn’t anything I could put on my wall and be proud of,” clueless Tammy Bullock said of “Coin De Paris, Rue de Meaux,” a Takanori Oguiss painting she found in a Colorado dumpster ten years ago. Oguiss, born in Japan in 1901, lived in … read more… “Takanori Oguiss: Another painting-in-a-dumpster story”

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30 Chinese painters make quake painting to raise funds

A group of 30 Chinese artists, inspired by the tenacity and unity of their people in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake, have returned from overseas to jointly produce a large oil painting titled “Warm Blood in May.” The painting, divided into nine sections, is inspired by news images of the disaster. The first panels … read more… “30 Chinese painters make quake painting to raise funds”

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NY Times Art in Review: Nelson, Mitchell, Rauch

“Dona Nelson: In Situ, Paintings, 1973-Present,” Thomas Erben, New York, NY. Through May 31. Roberta Smith: “There are many ways a New York museum could avoid merely validating the art market; one would be to surprise us all and give the New York painter Dona Nelson a survey. She has painted prolifically and innovatively for … read more… “NY Times Art in Review: Nelson, Mitchell, Rauch”

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Kate Bright’s silent winters in Philadelphia

London-based painter Kate Bright presents eight new paintings which, like her previous work, depict snow-laden trees. The tightly cropped images of the freshly-fallen snow are painted from both memory and photographs. In The Philadelphia Inquirer Edith Newall reports that the scenes, which are covered in glitter to create the effect of twinkling snow, will remind … read more… “Kate Bright’s silent winters in Philadelphia”

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