Boston flooded with Cuban water metaphors

In the Boston Globe, Cate McQuaid reports that “Surrounded by Water” is too small to cover such a broad theme successfully. “These works of art are often striking; they were made by a range of artists, from established to emerging. But it’s a smallish exhibit, with work by about 15 artists. Natania Remba makes a sturdy effort, but the giant topic of water as a metaphor in Cuban art could go much deeper. ‘Surrounded by Water’ just skims the surface.” Artists include Belkis Ayón, Luis Cruz Azaceta, José Bedia, Iván Capote, Yoan Capote, Los Carpinteros, Patricia Clark, José Manuel Fors, Rocío García, Carlos Garaicoa, Kcho (Alexis Leyva Machado), Meira Marrero, Manuel Mendive, Ibrahim Miranda, Manuel Piña, Ernesto Pujol, Sandra Ramos, Tomás Sánchez, José Ángel Toirac and José Ángel Vincench. Read more.

Surrounded by Water: Expressions of Freedom and Isolation in Contemporary Cuban Art,” Curated by Natania Remba. Boston Unversity Art Gallery, Boston, MA. Through April 6.

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