Jack Whitten and Robert Storr in conversation

“Jack Whitten,” Alexander Gray Associates, New York, NY. Through Oct. 20.

“Jack Whitten,” P.S. 1, Queens, NY. Through Sept. 24.

Jack Whitten recalls 9/11 in his conversation with Robert Storr in the Brooklyn Rail: “Watching those poor people jumping out of the buildings was the most terrifying and horrible experience. To think that close to 3,000 people were murdered in my neighborhood—nobody gets over that, you really don’t. So I made a vow to do something about it. I made the decision before that happened to sell my building, and got a new studio in Woodside, Queens. I remember Ms. Gund came to visit me at the studio in the middle of renovation, and I said to her, ‘The first painting I’m going to do when I get this studio together is going to be the 9/11 painting.’ When I finished the painting four years later, I called her up and invited her to come and see it, and she did.” Read more.

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