Doom, gloom, Hume

“Gary Hume: American Tan,” White Cube Mason’s Yard, London. Through Oct. 7. In The Guardian, Jonathan Jones pummels Hume’s latest exhibition at White Cube. “All good art thinks – it thinks visually – but Hume is no thinker. Here, he combines his familiar Picabia-lite figures with jokes about American abstraction so lame there must be a level I’m not spotting – is that really a pastiche of Pollock or a pastiche of someone pastiching Pollock? The Byzantine sophistication is itself faked, as if someone were playing with the idea of being washed up. Hume is so lost in self-reference, he can’t even pull off a lucid failure.”Read more.

In an earlier post, TCOP gives readers a little background info, Paul Vallely chats with Hume in his east-London studio, and Laura Cummings visits the show at White Cube.

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