Tangled up in blue

Charlie Finch reports on artnet: “In 1974, after living in Woodstock with his young family for seven years, Dylan moved back to MacDougal Street and began taking intense painting classes with a mystic Abstract Expressionist named Norman Rabin in a studio above Carnegie Hall. Dylan enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow art students, whom he described as ‘cops and housewives,’ and learned from Rabin a mysterious world lesson, which Dylan characterized as ‘the past, present and future being in the same room’ simultaneously, presumably without the reverse dialectic of T.S. Eliot’s Burnt Norton. This essential realization, experienced through the act of intensive painting, inspired Dylan’s great disc, Blood on the Tracks, especially the color-drenched series of snapshots, Tangled Up in Blue.” Read more. “Bob Dylan,” over 200 paintings based on drawings and sketches published in a book titled “Drawn Blank” in 1994. Chenmitz Museum Art Museum, Berlin, opening Oct. 29.

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