Richter “happy it wasn’t a failure”

Gerhard Richter’s Cologne Cathedral south transept window, unveiled this week with a special mass. Cologne, Germany.

On artnet, Kimberly Bradley reports: “Prior to the unveiling, some observers had thought Richter’s design too modern and abstract. But three clerestory windows in the south and north part of the chancel — produced around 1300 — contain a chessboard-like grid similar to Richter’s design. The artist wasn’t aware of this, but his new window links the eras. ‘What baffles me is how it fits into the rest of the church,’ said the cathedral’s master builder, Barbara Schock-Werner. ‘It looks like it’s always been here. And the light just flows through the colors.’ The usually reticent Richter, who claims he’s ‘happy it wasn’t a failure’ and that ‘it’s exciting that it’s an artwork that can’t just be taken down,’ has already been approached by the Cathedral of Reims, where French kings were once crowned, to design a window in that Gothic church.”Read more.

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