Somerville: Boston’s Williamsburg

Greg Cook reports in The Phoenix: “Boston art can often seem constipated. This is an academic, institutional city…Somerville, though, has become a bastion for the wild and woolly. One sign is the city’s public festivals: the Meet Under McGrath open-air dance party this past August, held under the godforsaken overpass where the McGrath Highway bridges Washington Street; the Fluff Festival, a tribute to the corporate confection in Union Square this past September; the Honk Fest, a gathering of and performance by radical marching bands from across North America in Davis Square this past October. Another sign is the Somerville ‘art gangs’ — the Lady Cougars, the Miracle 5, and the Olde Ghosts — rounded up in the group exhibition ‘Leave the Light On’ at Somerville’s Nave Gallery. They have in common a punky illustrative goth bent, and a rascally sense of humor. ‘I don’t think any of us take ourselves too seriously,’ says the Lady Cougars’ Beth Driscoll, who organized the show. It’s an uneven exhibit, but it’s energized by their attitude.” Read more. “Leave the Light On” Nave Gallery, Powderhouse Square, Somerville, MA. Through August 5, 2007 See slide show.

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