NYTimes Friday art reviews

Milton Avery watercolors and Sarah Peters drawings are reviewed in the NYTimes today.

Roberta Smith on Sarah Peters: “In her first solo show, Sarah Peters breathes life into an obsession with the art and history of colonial America. The breath comes from a fidgety crosshatch technique rendered in pencil and black ballpoint pen that gives her images both a gauzy drift and an almost fingernails-on-blackboard screechiness.” ‘Sarah Peters:Being American’ Winkleman Gallery, 637 West 27th Street, through July 21.

Martha Schwendener on Milton Avery: “The watercolors here span more than 30 years and dip into genres from landscape, seascape and cityscape to portraiture, still life and abstraction. They also reveal Avery’s resistance to fully adopting or rejecting abstraction during its mid-20th-century heyday while at the same time trying, as he once said, to ‘eliminate and simplify, leaving apparently nothing but color and form’….All of this argues for the medium’s resurgence — although it is hard to imagine, in the age of digital cameras.” ‘MAGICAL MEANS: Milton Avery and Watercolor’ Knoedler & Company, 19 East 70th Street, through Aug. 10. Read more.

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