At Boston’s Allston Skirt Gallery: a small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie

In The Phoenix Sharon Steel writes about “Pull My Finger,” a new group show at the Allston Skirt Gallery, curated by artist Joe Zane: “Artists? They just live for slinging crap — it’s like some kind of unlimited paint supply that’s handy, cheap, and gets them controversy bonus points. Where would museum-worthy pieces like Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ,’ Chris Ofili’s elephant-dung-festooned ‘Holy Virgin Mary,’ and Marcel Duchamp’s paean to the urinal ‘Fountain’ be without nods to bathroom humor? Even so, poop humor is just one small, dark, and stinky slice of the art-world pie. On the same outre track is high-concept, performance-art comedy. ‘Pull My Finger,’ a new exhibit at the Allston Skirt Gallery is hell-bent on exploring the nexus between these two art tracts.” Artwork includes paintings by Carl Ostendarp; drawings by Michael Smith and Jason Schiedel Read more. Watch the slide show

Read Ken Johnson’s take on the show in the Boston Globe.

“Pull My Finger,” Allston Skirt Gallery , 65 Thayer Street , Boston, MA. through August 4.

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