David Godbold’s mirthless mirth

Ben Davis dissects David Godbold’s snarky exhibition in artnet today. “Contemporary art is universally irreverent, but most often none too funny. This observation is particularly striking when one considers the fact that a lot of it, particularly that inspired by Big Daddy Marcel Duchamp, owes its very being to the tropes of comedy — masquerade, … read more… “David Godbold’s mirthless mirth”

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Edward Hopper’s negative feng-shui

Peter Schjeldahl reviews the Edward Hopper retrospective at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.“The scale of the paintings is indifferent, in the way of graphic art. Their drawing is graceless, their colors acrid, and their brushstrokes numb. Anti-Baroque, they are the same thing when looked at up close and when seen from afar. I believe … read more… “Edward Hopper’s negative feng-shui”

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Michael Kimmelman NYT review of Myron Stout

Art Reveiw “The canvas,” Stout wrote, “came not from any remembered form of flowers or flower beds but from a tree outside the door, a tree that the thin foliage of the lower reaches allowed the rising branches to be seen, rising, yet moving sideways, toward each other.” His small, spare, intimate abstractions can be … read more… “Michael Kimmelman NYT review of Myron Stout”

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Dana Schutz Fest

Schutz’s new paintings are at Zach Feuer through May 19. Holland Cotter weighs in on Schutz’s show at Feuer in The New York Times. “The art industry requires that at least one young artist be shot into the stratosphere every few years. The painter Dana Schutz was the choice in 2002, when she was in … read more… “Dana Schutz Fest”

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The accumulated weight of experience

Richard Rhodes on the new abstraction: “Painting has regained its relevance—socially and professionally. It has re-established a life for images beyond photography and the mass media. It stands as an alternative to conceptualist artmaking. Once buried by art theory, it has returned to reconnect with centuries of art and to anchor contemporary art to its … read more… “The accumulated weight of experience”

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Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern

In The Guardian, Jonathan Jones wonders why gallery goers aren’t blown away. “If Kelly makes you see the sheer beauty of minimalism – as opposed to the ready-made conceptualism it is so often seen as a dumb vessel of – he also connects contemporary, living art with the heritage of Matisse. This makes him one … read more… “Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern”

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In the isolation hut

High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967–1975 On Artnet, Jerry Saltz reviews this “saber-waving, opinion-altering show, for the simple if thrilling reason that it posits an art-historical missing link. It’s composed entirely of abstract work made by painters who were born too late to be Pop artists or hard-core Minimalists, and who then tried … read more… “In the isolation hut”

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