Erasure as aesthetic principle at Pierogi

Contributed by Gina DeCagna / Capacious and compelling in content, “Under Erasure,” co-curated by Raphael Rubinstein and Heather (Bause) Rubinstein on view at Pierogi Gallery through January 27, yields a significant platform for discourse on an evolving area of intersectional media and politics: written language and visual art. The exhibition — which focuses on works that employ erasure as … read more… “Erasure as aesthetic principle at Pierogi”

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Brian Dupont and Rachael Nevins: Suffering for something beautiful

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Brian Dupont’s paintings, on view at Adah Rose Gallery in Bethesda, Maryland, through December 31, are uniquely transfixing for several reasons. One is their lean, industrial look – they’re oil on metal. Another is the sense, owing to the stenciled letters and numbers present, that they reveal something randomly profound in the workaday. But … read more… “Brian Dupont and Rachael Nevins: Suffering for something beautiful”