Free speech: White artist paints Emmett Till, black artists protest

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In 1955, two white men brutally lynched  Emmet Till, a black 14-year-old boy from Chicago who was visiting relatives in their Mississippi town. The men were arrested, tried, and unjustly, outrageously, acquitted of all charges. At the time, horrifying photographs of Till’s mutilated face, taken as he lay in an open casket with … read more… “Free speech: White artist paints Emmett Till, black artists protest”


New subjectivity: Figurative painting at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In a lively group show of large canvases at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, curator Jason Stopa makes a strong case that contemporary painters, particularly those working figuratively, are cultivating a new form of Expressionism. He cites popular culture (cartoons, fashion photography, YouTube videos), personal narrative, and our embrace of online … read more… “New subjectivity: Figurative painting at Pratt Manhattan Gallery”

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Anxiety and the art fairs, NADA edition

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Thanks to the ongoing disaster known as the Trump administration, anxiety was in the air at the art fairs this year. Unconstitutional  deportation, hate crime, heedless military intervention, political corruption, the impending loss of affordable healthcare for 24 million people, and the failure of GOP will to seriously investigate palpable indications of the Trump team’s treasonous collusion … read more… “Anxiety and the art fairs, NADA edition”

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A.I.R. artists at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Last year I visited Jayanthi Moorthy‘s studio and suggested she get in touch with Kathryn Myers, a UConn colleague of mine who has facilitated cultural exchanges with Indian artists, curated numerous shows of their work, and participated in many exhibitions in India. The two artists connected, and this year they curated “Cooperative Consciousness,” a group exhibition at … read more… “A.I.R. artists at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India”

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Studio visit: Frédérique Lucien

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Frédérique Lucien and I met during the Bushwick iteration of “Deux Côtés / Two Sides,” a collaborative exhibition organized by Stephanie Theodore and Emilie Ovaere-Corthay, the director of legendary Galerie Jean Fournier. When I was in Paris for the opening, I got a chance to stop by Lucien’s studio in the 11th arrondissement, not far from the Bataclan Theater that was tragically … read more… “Studio visit: Frédérique Lucien”

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Studio visit: John Zinsser

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Two Coats of Paint recently stopped in at John Zinsser‘s sunny Greenpoint studio. Zinsser moved to New York in the ’80s and has been making mostly-monochromatic, rule-based abstract paintings ever since. During our visit we talked about his Dedalus Foundation exhibition, “The Humanism of Abstraction,” which also includes work by … read more… “Studio visit: John Zinsser”

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Bloggers panelize at Art Miami in December

Art Bloggers@, an organization Joanne Mattera and I started in 2007, has been invited to organize a panel discussion at Art Miami in December. We’re calling the panel “Beyond Basic Blogging: Carving Our Niche in the Blogosphere,” and we hope to discuss developments in art blogging from the past year. “Call it journalistic physics: With … read more… “Bloggers panelize at Art Miami in December”

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The Promotion Project

The Promotion Project is underway. Putting together a successful application for academic promotion is an unapologetically narcissistic undertaking. The process involves sifting through years of paperwork from past projects and attempting to explain their relevance—-without sounding like a egomaniacal blowhard. Where I teach the activities are divided into four categories: teaching, creative activity, professional activity … read more… “The Promotion Project”


Ethan Ham’s circle game

Ethan Ham, a sculptor and installation artist who often uses kinetics, electronics, and computers in his artwork, has curated Camera/Chimera, a new project inspired by Telephone, the children’s game in which meaning evolves with each whispered retelling of a phrase or story. Ham invited an artist to create a photograph, then asked others, in a linear … read more… “Ethan Ham’s circle game”

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@ The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

My spot is on the NW corner of University and 8th, right outside the new CVS. After writing the article about the WSOAE for The Rail, I decided to participate in the exhibit over Labor Day weekend. I’ve been posting about it on my studio/sketchbook blog, @Bushwick & Main. You can check it out here. … read more… “@ The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit”

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