Street Smarts: Charles Goldman @ Songs For Presidents

Guest Contributor Mary Addison Hackett / I went to graduate school in Chicago with Charles Goldman and still remember one of the first pieces he showed at a crit. It was a thin red line cut from paper, crossing the gallery floor. If I recall correctly, it represented the interstate highway he had driven from … read more… “Street Smarts: Charles Goldman @ Songs For Presidents”

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Ideas and Influences: Mary Addison Hackett

I have followed Mary Addison Hackett’s blog Process since she left LA a few years ago and returned to Nashville where her mother was in the hospital. Unfortunately, as Hackett drove across country, she received word that her mother had died. Since then, Hackett has been dividing her time between LA and Nashville, where she … read more… “Ideas and Influences: Mary Addison Hackett”

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Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.

Guest contributor: Mary Addison Hackett Let me tell you about my boat. Sunday 12:35 pm. I’m sitting on a shuttle patiently waiting to go to Miami Projects. It’s air-conditioned. A catchy pop version of Deck the Halls is being piped in. There’s wi-fi. Conceivably, I could spend the day here. Given traffic, I might. I … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s final Miami round-up.”


Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel

Guest Contributor: Mary Addison Hackett / Turns out tweeting, texting, shooting work and seeing the art, was more complex than I thought. After catching a cab from the airport and having the cab driver stop on the freeway to call her husband for directions, we shuttled over to Basel for an obligatory overview. I intended … read more… “Mary Addison Hackett’s Report From Miami, Day 1: Basel”

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Report from Nashville

Adrienne Outlaw, the wonderfully creative director of Nashville Cultural Arts Project and Seed Space, a non-profit exhibition and project initiative, invited me to Nashville last week to speak at the “Insight? Outta Site!” lecture series and to visit artists’ studios. Funded by a Tennessee Arts Commission”s Arts Build Communities grant, the conversation took place at … read more… “Report from Nashville”


Visitors in New York: Mary Addison Hackett and Raffaella Chiara

Raffaella Chiara, installation of drawings at Frosch & Portmann. On Sunday, Nashville-based blogging painter Mary Addison Hackett and I took a trip to the Lower East Side to visit the New Museum, check out the Festival of Ideas for The New City, and stop by some galleries. For the festival, Frosch & Portmann gallery invited … read more… “Visitors in New York: Mary Addison Hackett and Raffaella Chiara”