Anxiety and the art fairs, NADA edition

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Thanks to the ongoing disaster known as the Trump administration, anxiety was in the air at the art fairs this year. Unconstitutional  deportation, hate crime, heedless military intervention, political corruption, the impending loss of affordable healthcare for 24 million people, and the failure of GOP will to seriously investigate palpable indications of the Trump team’s treasonous collusion … read more… “Anxiety and the art fairs, NADA edition”

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Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016

Contributed by Sharon Louden / On Friday, I spent almost three hours at the Satellite Art Fair and returned for another half hour on Saturday. It was like having about 20 studio visits; all of the conversations were substantive. At Satellite, there was a wide range of work on display, but what was most refreshing about the experience was … read more… “Art fairs: Satellite and NADA, 2016”

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Miami: A different place than last year

Contributed by Sharon Louden / Thank you, Sharon Butler, for giving me the opportunity to be a guest contributor from the art fairs in Miami Beach this week. I started with Pulse, Untitled and Art Basel Miami Beach. Like many in the art community, given the current political climate and all that’s happening in the world, my … read more… “Miami: A different place than last year”


Frieze Weekend

UPDATE: Fair paralysis set in this year, and, overwhelmed by the number of things going on (Frieze, NADA, Portal, etc.), I opted to go to a few local events and invite some fair-goers to visit the studio rather than attend the fairs myself. The Kentucky Derby Party and Benefit Auction at Smack Mellon, “Anti-Pro” at … read more… “Frieze Weekend”

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Justine Frischmann at VOLTA (and everything else)

Justine Frischmann, whose elegant new paintings on aluminum can be found in a solo exhibition at George Lawson’s area, was spotted with her Two Coats of Paint tote bag at VOLTA this week. According to the VOLTA press release I received this morning, the fair is a huge success–meaning that collectors are attending, and plenty … read more… “Justine Frischmann at VOLTA (and everything else)”

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Part 2: For Art Handlers in Miami, the endgame is de-installation

Contributed by Max Liebermann* / The art handler’s endgame is de-installation, and getting there is something of a slog and rather far, in karmic terms, from the glamour often associated with Art Basel. Even some blue-chip galleries pay only $350 a day for set-up and $200 a day for take-down. The day rate may appear … read more… “Part 2: For Art Handlers in Miami, the endgame is de-installation”

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Part 1: An art handler’s experience in Miami

Contributed by Max Liebermann* / The sounds of installation at Art Miami include airplanes flying overhead, whirring impact drivers, drywall screws squeaking into the MDF (medium density fiberboard) walls, beeping electricians on scissor lifts, din, fans, and people talking. The larger-scale Art Basel adds beeping forklifts, humming go-carts whipping from aisle to aisle, and hushed … read more… “Part 1: An art handler’s experience in Miami”

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Big plans: The 2015 Miami fairs

HELL YES, the Miami art fairs are just around the corner! As usual, Art Basel Miami Beach–the biggest of the fairs, with 250 of the most affluent international galleries in attendance–will set up shop in the Miami Beach Convention Center from December 3-6. The smaller fairs–Scope Miami, Miami Project, PULSE Miami Beach, NADA, Fridge, Art … read more… “Big plans: The 2015 Miami fairs”

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Picks from VOLTA NY, 2015

This year VOLTA has taken up residence at Pier 90, a lovely spot on the Hudson right next to The Armory Show, which sprawls across Piers 92 and 94. A more manageable size than many of the other fairs, VOLTA is selective, and galleries that have been invited to participate present curated exhibitions of single … read more… “Picks from VOLTA NY, 2015”

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Art Fair Quiz: Spring/Break–Answers have been posted!

Although the Spring/Break Art Show is known more for installations, dimly lit rooms and video projections, there were a fair number of paintings on the walls this year. Can you identify these? Send your answers to with SPRING/BREAK QUIZ in the subject line. Whoever has the most correct answers will receive a post about … read more… “Art Fair Quiz: Spring/Break–Answers have been posted!”