Interview: Clare Grill in Sunnyside

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / In late November, I rode my bike to Clare Grill‘s Sunnyside apartment-studio, where we talked about her technique, the mental space required to paint, and her new-found freedom from having to work a second job. A warm and serious painter, Clare makes abstract paintings that are filled edge to edge … read more… “Interview: Clare Grill in Sunnyside”

Interview: Stephen Westfall in Industry City

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / On a rainy day in November I visited Stephen Westfall at his Brooklyn studio. Among my young painter friends he has a reputation for being open, generous, and extremely smart, but I was still a little nervous. He warned me in advance that most of his work had been shipped … read more… “Interview: Stephen Westfall in Industry City”

Paris: A multiplicity of simple interactions

Today is the last day for Drawing Now in Paris, but “Emergence,” an elegant group exhibition of reductive abstract painting will be on view at Hôtel de Sauroy through April 27.  Curators Katrin Bremermann, Erin Lawlor and Yifat Gat have assembled a handsome show featuring work by an international cohort of painters who invest fairly … read more… “Paris: A multiplicity of simple interactions”