Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern

In The Guardian, Jonathan Jones wonders why gallery goers aren’t blown away. “If Kelly makes you see the sheer beauty of minimalism – as opposed to the ready-made conceptualism it is so often seen as a dumb vessel of – he also connects contemporary, living art with the heritage of Matisse. This makes him one … read more… “Ellsworth Kelly rocks at the Tate Modern”

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In the isolation hut

High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967–1975 On Artnet, Jerry Saltz reviews this “saber-waving, opinion-altering show, for the simple if thrilling reason that it posits an art-historical missing link. It’s composed entirely of abstract work made by painters who were born too late to be Pop artists or hard-core Minimalists, and who then tried … read more… “In the isolation hut”

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