Handmade in Baltimore

In the Baltimore Sun, Glenn McNatt sees a return to art-making strategies based on highly labor-intensive, repetitive processes that encourage Zen-like meditation and transcendence: “Not only are the materials unusual, the very willingness to endure the kind of mind-numbing repetitiveness and tedium required to turn them into art may seem like a kind of madness, … read more… “Handmade in Baltimore”

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Sunday painters

“Season Three: Plein-Air Painters of Western Pennsylvania,” Watercolors Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. Through September 22. As the eagerly anticipated fall gallery openings approach, there may be some harried, anti-social painters who would welcome a quiet contemplative painting experience far from the ambitious urban art crowd. If anyone who usually spends their days holed up in a … read more… “Sunday painters”

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Whistle-stop tour of Scottish art history

“Beyond Appearances: Painting and Picturing in Scottish Modern and Contemporary Art,” City Art Centre, Edinburgh. Artists include: McTaggart, Fergusson, Johnstone, Eardley, Redpath, Davie, Gear, Paolozzi, Turnbull, Bellany, Rae, Watt, Innes, Boyle Family, Jacqui Campbell and Dorothy Lawrenson.Through Sept. 23. In The Scotsman, Iain Gale reports: “Although the explanatory panel proposes ‘an exploratory visual investigation into … read more… “Whistle-stop tour of Scottish art history”

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Fictional painter’s prose portrait from Doubleday

The Great Man a novel by Kate Christensen, Doubleday: 308 pp., $23.95. In the NYTimes, Janet Maslin reviews this fictional posthumous portrait of a painter: “Oscar Feldman, the fictitious painter at the heart of Kate Christensen’s mischievous new novel, was given a lot of latitude during his lifetime. He had a big reputation, two parallel … read more… “Fictional painter’s prose portrait from Doubleday”

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Learning to love abstraction (with footnotes)

“The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006,” at the National Academy Museum, New York, NY. Through February 2008. Benjamin Genocchio reports in the NYTimes: “The fabled conservatism of the National Academy, longtime home of the retrograde and anachronistic in art, has faded over the years as this venerable institution has … read more… “Learning to love abstraction (with footnotes)”

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Rethinking William Bouguereau

“In the Studios of Paris: William Bouguereau and his American Students,” Frick Art & Historical Center through Oct. 7. Originally curated by the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Sept. 17-Dec. 31, 2006. Also installed at the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida, Feb. 9-Apr. 29, 2007. Artists include: Cecilia Beaux (1855-1942), Minerva Chapman (1858-1947), Eanger … read more… “Rethinking William Bouguereau”

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The second wave of the Soviet avant-garde

“Nonconformists on Red Square” The Historical Museum, Moscow. Through Sept. 17 Tatyana Gershkovich reports in the Moscow Times: “‘We didn’t drink, we didn’t smoke, we weren’t bohemians, and we didn’t want to engage in ideological debates,’ says Vladislav Zubarev, an artist and a prominent member of the second wave of the Soviet avant-garde. He wants … read more… “The second wave of the Soviet avant-garde”

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Provincetown pigment

“Eric Aho, Peter Hutchinson, Peik Larsen, Sarah Lutz,” DNA Gallery, Provincetown, MA. Through Sept. 16. “Tabitha Vevers: Eden,” artSTRAND, Provincetown, MA. Through Sept. 12. Cate McQuaid reports in the Boston Globe: “Aho is a master of tone and texture. In ‘Truro Beach,’ his loose, broad brush strokes brawl into one another, evoking the turmoil of … read more… “Provincetown pigment”

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Todd Chilton: accepting imperfection

“Todd Chilton: Recent Paintings,” Raw & Co Gallery, Cleveland, OH. Go to Todd’s website to see images of his paintings. Douglas Max Utter reports in The Cleveland Free Times: “Chilton’s six crisp, introspective oil on canvas paintings are engaged in a search for some word, some clue, trapped between paint, canvas, and simple, even primitive … read more… “Todd Chilton: accepting imperfection”

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Anyone can paint

Daniel Kilkelly reports on Digital Spy: “Kate Moss has started painting over the past few weeks, as she attempts to get over her split from Pete Doherty. The supermodel has impressed her friends with the quality of her creations, and is now planning to show off the artwork to a wider audience. A source told … read more… “Anyone can paint”

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