Laurie Sloan: The truth is out there

  When I was invited to curate an exhibition at EBK Gallery in Hartford, I decided to organize a solo show of prints by Laurie Sloan. Sloan, a printmaking professor at the University of Connecticut and founder of Counterproof Press, rarely shows her own work, so I relished the opportunity to rummage through her archive. … read more… “Laurie Sloan: The truth is out there”

A gallery closes: EBK in Hartford

Contributed by Neil Daigle Orians / The first time I visited EBK Gallery on Pearl Street in Hartford was during my second-to-last semester in graduate school at UConn. Our professor was exhibiting new paintings, so a group of us piled into my car and made the trek from Storrs. Thanks to an unfamiliarity with Hartford, combined … read more… “A gallery closes: EBK in Hartford”

Art & Film: Liquid asset in The Shape of Water

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Cult film auteur Guillermo del Toro, director and co-writer of the triumphant The Shape of Water, sees 1962, in which it is set, as a historical hinge point. It was the first (and last) full year of Kennedy’s Camelot and the final year of America’s perceived (if delusional) postwar idyll … read more… “Art & Film: Liquid asset in The Shape of Water”

Invitation: Print project in Bushwick this weekend

Drawing has become an increasingly important part of my art practice, and this weekend, four etching editions produced during a stimulating residency at Counterproof Press (located on the campus of the University of Connecticut at Storrs) will be on display in “Editions+Friends,” a collaborative project organized by Theodore:Art in Bushwick. The etchings – jumbled interpretations of geometric forms observed … read more… “Invitation: Print project in Bushwick this weekend”

Email from Kelsey Miller: Printmaking at the Housatonic Museum

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In an exhibition on view at the Housatonic Museum in Bridgeport, wildlife trafficking, environmental conservation, sexuality, religion, gender, and the illusion of domestic bliss are among the issues addressed through a diverse range of printmaking practices. UConn MFA student Kelsey Miller (and one of the winners of the 2016 SPRING/BREAK Quiz) sent me a … read more… “Email from Kelsey Miller: Printmaking at the Housatonic Museum”

Scott Daniel Ellison: “Every artist is in some way self-taught”

Scott Daniel Ellison’s images of flora and fauna are suffused with  personhood–trees wave bony limbs, bats have human faces, and animals wear jewelry. Working at a small scale and focusing on black and tertiary colors, Ellison conjures Edward Gorey‘s children’s book illustrations and the quirky-creepy characters in many of Tim Burton’s films, but his attention … read more… “Scott Daniel Ellison: “Every artist is in some way self-taught””

Impressionable: Print exhibition @ Real Art Ways

Artist-curator John O’Donnell has organized a massive print show in Hartford, Connecticut: “Multiple Impressions,” the Fifth Connecticut Printmakers Invitational, on view at Real Art Ways in Hartford through April 21, 2016. The roster includes many luminaries from the Connecticut art and printmaking scene, so I’m proud to have a couple of my new etchings included. … read more… “Impressionable: Print exhibition @ Real Art Ways”

Gratitude, Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015

Last 2014 snap from the studio in LIC. Happy New Year! I recently read an article (thanks to Sharon Louden for bringing my attention to it on Twitter) that suggested the most common mistake artists make is forgetting to thank the people who have helped them. Thus, my first task of 2015 is to thank … read more… “Gratitude, Favorites from 2014, Predictions for 2015”

Intaglio Thursday: Art Basel (in Basel)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been an artist-in-residence at UConn’s Counterproof Press since January. After spending many sessions with artist and master printer Laurie Sloan exploring various processes, I found that I was drawn to the most uncomplicated prints that featured direct, unadorned line drawing printed in one color. Since etching lends itself … read more… “Intaglio Thursday: Art Basel (in Basel)”

Butler and UConn: Sure they’ve got basketball, but what about painting?

When I was an MFA student at the University of Connecticut, my original studio was in a little yellow clapboard house that overlooked the Gampel Pavilion, home of the renowned UConn Huskies basketball teams. During the season the place was mobbed, but the art students hunkered down and continued working nonetheless. I don’t think I … read more… “Butler and UConn: Sure they’ve got basketball, but what about painting?”