Keeting and Grill: Timeless energy

Each month Giampietro Gallery pairs painters for concurrent solo shows, and through October 5 Zachary Keeting and Clare Grill have work on display. Grill, whose paintings were recently included in “Dying on Stage: New Painting in New York,” draws on history, making lovingly eroded small-scale canvases that abstractly illuminate aspects of the simpler life–carving, darning–that … read more… “Keeting and Grill: Timeless energy”

Art and politics: “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” in New Haven

Aicha Woods and Dave Coon have co-curated “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars,” a thoughtful group exhibition on view at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art through August 13 that focuses how artists are using the American flag as image, object, and symbol. Zachary Keeting, artist and co-founder of Gorky’s Granddaughter, sat down with co-curator Aicha Woods to discuss the artist’s role … read more… “Art and politics: “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” in New Haven”

Installation view: Drishti, a concentrated gaze

Gallerist Elizabeth Heskin and artist Patricia Spergel, in collaboration with the NURTUREart Registry of Artists and Curators, have assembled a lively exhibition of contemporary abstraction at the 1285 Ave of the Americas Art Gallery. Aptly titled “Drishti: A Concentrated Gaze” after the yoga practice that brings awareness inward through focusing the outward gaze to a … read more… “Installation view: Drishti, a concentrated gaze”

Tuning in: Clint Jukkala and John Newman on animism, spirituality, sensory experience, and consciousness

On the occasion of their current show at FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery in New Haven, Zachary Keeting (co-founder of Improvised Showboat and Gorky’s Grandaughter) interviewed Clint Jukkala (on left) and John Newman (right) about their work. “Many of my paintings have forms that suggest heads, eyes, etc., but I’m less interested in the ‘looks like’ quality of … read more… “Tuning in: Clint Jukkala and John Newman on animism, spirituality, sensory experience, and consciousness”

Report: “Command-Z” at Improvised Showboat

Improvised Showboat, a curatorial project developed by artists Zachary Keeting and Lauren Britton, mounted its seventh one-night show this past weekend in my new DUMBO studio at 55 Washington Street. I gave Keeting and Britton the basic idea: “Command-Z” would include work that reflected our increasing devotion to digital tools and online life. They combined … read more… “Report: “Command-Z” at Improvised Showboat”

Recommended: Summer Group Shows

I love spending summers in NYC. For artists who stick around and work in their studios during July and August,  NYC is one big art party, featuring a slew of group shows, each with openings, closings and often other events in between. Since list-maker Andrew Ginzel is on hiatus until September, I put together this … read more… “Recommended: Summer Group Shows”

Quick Study: Enough already, what’s next, a new painting blog and more

Who knew painting (and art writing) still had the power to evoke such outrage? Some artists and writers, unhappy with the provisional and casualist approach that I’ve been observing for the past few years, have been wondering why this type of work has gotten so much ink and pixels. Abstract Critical, a UK publication that … read more… “Quick Study: Enough already, what’s next, a new painting blog and more”

Smart Painting in New Haven

The ten artists in “Smart Painting,” an upcoming exhibition at New Haven’s Artspace Gallery, are an inquisitive group, asking  a range of questions, which, at their most basic level, include: What should a painting look like? How should I paint it? What should I paint it on? Beginning with simple questions like these, each of … read more… “Smart Painting in New Haven”

The last week: Precisionist Casual at Pocket Utopia, Kate Wadkins on ‘zines

“Precisionist Casual,” my solo show at Austin Thomas’s Pocket Utopia, is on view through Sunday, Februaray 17, so please stop by and have a look if you haven’t already. On Sunday, concluding the events organized in conjunction with the exhibition (thanks Raphael Rubinstein for an excellent presentation on poetry and Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy … read more… “The last week: Precisionist Casual at Pocket Utopia, Kate Wadkins on ‘zines”

Thomas Nozkowski describes a good day in the studio

At Gorky’s Grandaughter, watch Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy attempt to discuss Thomas Nozkowski’s work in progress during a recent studio visit. CJ: That one is pretty crazy! TN: Thank you! And later Nozkowski tells some funny stories about fat cats and curators. Another priceless interview from the guys at Gorky’s Granddaughter. Thomas Nozkowski, recent … read more… “Thomas Nozkowski describes a good day in the studio”