Interview: Timothy Nolan and his public art project at LAX

If you find yourself in Terminal 7 at the Los Angeles International Airport, you can’t miss Timothy Nolan’s new public art project, a series of  large-scale prints, made from collages that incorporate images of maps, galaxies, and other ephemera from the days when we looked things up in encyclopedias and used atlases to find our … read more… “Interview: Timothy Nolan and his public art project at LAX”

Summer in wartime

Todd James, “TBC,” 2011, gouache and graphite on paper, 30 x 22 1/2 inches. Images courtesy Paul Kasmin. “Pretty on the Inside,” an anxiety-provoking group show of figurative work at Paul Kasmin, will make you forget the ennui of contemporary abstraction. Todd James‘s eye-popping gouaches, fusing cartooning and a seventies pop sensibility, capture the intensity … read more… “Summer in wartime”

Kenneth Noland is dead

“And Half,” 1959 “Back and Front,” 1960 “Play,” 1960   “Epigram,” 1961 “Galore,” 1966 “Interlock Color,” 1973 “Verdancy,” 1981 “Refresh,” 1999 Roberta Smith blogs at Arts Beat that Kenneth Noland, who painted some of the great emblems of the postwar American abstract style called Color Field painting, died Tuesday at his home in Port Clyde, … read more… “Kenneth Noland is dead”

On elephant dick: A conversation between Todd Bienvenu and Cynthia Daignault

On the occasion of “Water Sports,” Todd Bienvenu’s solo show on view at yours mine & ours through May 14, friend and fellow painter Cynthia Daignault talked to Bienvenu about learning to paint, art history, and the material reality of painting. “I don’t have to look very hard for ideas,” Bienvenu told Daignault. “My favorite paintings are about really dumb and obvious things. But … read more… “On elephant dick: A conversation between Todd Bienvenu and Cynthia Daignault”

Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)

Often curated by artists, summer group shows provide a window into the hive mind. Accordingly, I’ve put together a short list of exhibitions that are organized around the themes and ideas that artists are talking about in current conversations. Excerpts from press releases are included, and in case readers can’t make it to the galleries–summer … read more… “Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)”

Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town

If you have time to see some exhibitions in New York, here are a few promising shows to check out around town. In case you can’t make it IRL, links to the gallery websites are provided. Image at top: Elena Sisto @Lori Bookstein in Chelsea. Loic Raguénès @ Clearing, Bushwick Brooklyn and Queens (Check for … read more… “Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town”

Geometric Abstraction update in DC

The best geometric abstraction goes beyond the formal arrangement of line, shape, and color to connect with larger themes and issues. In “GEOMETRIX: Line, Form, Subversion,” a big multi-venue exhibition in the DC area, curator Andrea Pollan has selected artists who use the visual language of geometric abstraction to explore a wide array of subjects … read more… “Geometric Abstraction update in DC”

What’s so strange at Fredericks & Freiser’s “Strange Abstraction”?

At this stage, abstraction is no longer considered confusing or iconoclastic. So what kind of abstract work might earn the title “strange?” Fredericks & Freiser’s buoyant group show “Strange Abstraction” provides a sharp answer. Each of the artists employs his or her materials in an uncompromisingly idiosyncratic way. Like many of the outsider artists whose … read more… “What’s so strange at Fredericks & Freiser’s “Strange Abstraction”?”

The paintings in “Greater New York”

This iteration of “Greater New York,” the sprawling group exhibition at MoMA PS1 that traditionally highlights the most prominent young artists working in the last five years, features an epoch-spanning roster and includes work not just made in the last twenty minutes, but work made in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Is the curatorial team … read more… “The paintings in “Greater New York””

Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I

My favorite artists to follow on Instagram are those who post regularly and whose feeds include more than images of their art work. Photos of other artists’ exhibitions, amusing pictures from daily life (the day job!), documentation of studio progress (and failure), and vacation snaps all reveal what goes on inside an artist’s head–how he/she … read more… “Link list: Artists to follow on Instagram / Part I”