Rachel Beach and Julia Gleich: Strength and precarious balance

Pairing artists with choreographers often produces transcendent results, and it has a venerable tradition—Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham, for instance. Earlier this month, I was fortunate to get tickets to see Counterpointe, a collaborative series developed by Norte Maar that joined seven female artists with seven female choreographers. Fusing the art community and the dance … read more… “Rachel Beach and Julia Gleich: Strength and precarious balance”

In retrospect: Sara Greenberger Rafferty @ Rachel Uffner

Guest contributor Eileen Jeng / Sara Greenberger Rafferty’s exhibition at Rachel Uffner Gallery explored the themes of performance, stand-up comedy, media culture, and gender identity that have preoccupied the artist for almost a decade. With several large-scale wall pieces of irregularly-shaped Plexiglas, screws drilled through acetate into the wall, and a polysilk curtain installation, Rafferty … read more… “In retrospect: Sara Greenberger Rafferty @ Rachel Uffner”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / July 10, 2017

Our mid-summer selected exhibitions list, organized by neighborhood, is, well, blooming with group shows that feature flowers, gardens, and nature. For those of you who are out of town, perhaps tending your own patch of land or painting at an artists’ residency upstate, links are included for online browsing. For a full exhibition listing, make sure to check out “The List” at artcritical. 

New geometries: Embracing narrative and content

Zombie Formalism–innocuous abstraction employing a pastiche of art-historical references and made to fulfill undiscriminating art market demand–has given abstract painting a bad name. Alex Baker offers a vibrant remedy. At Fleischer/Ollman in Philadelphia, where he is gallery director, Baker has curated “New Geometries,” a fine exhibition that showcases geometric abstractionists who take sharp cues from … read more… “New geometries: Embracing narrative and content”

Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)

Often curated by artists, summer group shows provide a window into the hive mind. Accordingly, I’ve put together a short list of exhibitions that are organized around the themes and ideas that artists are talking about in current conversations. Excerpts from press releases are included, and in case readers can’t make it to the galleries–summer … read more… “Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)”

Painting Picks: Lower East Side

If you have time to see some exhibitions in New York, here are a few promising shows to check out on the Lower East Side, which Casey Lesser recently called NYC’s most important art district in an Artsy editorial post. “Galleries in the neighborhood have matured greatly, as has the art they present,” she writes. … read more… “Painting Picks: Lower East Side”

Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town

If you have time to see some exhibitions in New York, here are a few promising shows to check out around town. In case you can’t make it IRL, links to the gallery websites are provided. Image at top: Elena Sisto @Lori Bookstein in Chelsea. Loic Raguénès @ Clearing, Bushwick Brooklyn and Queens (Check for … read more… “Link list: Recommended exhibitions around town”

2016 Spring/Break Art Show Quiz (with answers)

UPDATE: We have a winner! The identities of the artists have been posted below. Thanks to all the readers who participated–I enjoyed the show and hope you did, too. Spring/Break Art Show is best known for installations resembling teenage bedrooms (fake pink fur, glitter, etc.), dimly lit rooms with video projections, loads of kitsch, and … read more… “2016 Spring/Break Art Show Quiz (with answers)”

Revisions and resurrections: “The Silo” curated by Raphael Rubinstein at Garth Greenan

Getting recognition in the art world is difficult, but remaining relevant over the course of a lifetime is nearly impossible. Raphael Rubinstein is fascinated by old art magazines from the 1960s and 1970s, where he finds images of work by artists who were once widely admired but have fallen off the art world’s radar. “I … read more… “Revisions and resurrections: “The Silo” curated by Raphael Rubinstein at Garth Greenan”