Peter Dudek returns from the Berkshires

Contributed by Sharon Butler / Peter Dudek spent his summer up in the Berkshires where he and his brother oversee Bascom Lodge, an old-fashioned hikers’ inn on the top of Mount Greylock. For the past few years Dudek has been hosting a small residency program–readers may recall I spent time up there in 2014. This … read more… “Peter Dudek returns from the Berkshires”

Peter Dudek on Presentational Sculpture*

Guest Contributor Peter Dudek / Lately a presentational mode of sculpture has been popping up all about. The hallmarks are a casual yet formal arrangement of sculptural elements. The constituent parts vary from the made-from-scratch, to the merely found, to the found but altered object. The presentations might include works by other artists, or seemingly … read more… “Peter Dudek on Presentational Sculpture*”

Peter Dudek: Challenging murals in North Adams

NYC artist Peter Dudek‘s recent undertaking, “House Dreaming (and then some),” is a mural project that includes several related images of architectural structures displayed around North Adams, MA. Funded by DownStreet Art, an organization dedicated to revitalizing downtown North Adams through novel public art projects, Dudek’s series challenges the familiar notion of mural-making that many local … read more… “Peter Dudek: Challenging murals in North Adams”

Catalogue essay: Kirsten Swenson on Peter Soriano’s Permanent Maintanence

Kirsten Swenson originally wrote this catalogue essay for Permanent Maintenance, Peter Soriano‘s wall drawing project, on view through August 21, 2016, at the Colby College Museum of Art. // Drawing on the wall is a natural, immediate kind of expression, even as it remains at odds with the idea of an “art object” that we … read more… “Catalogue essay: Kirsten Swenson on Peter Soriano’s Permanent Maintanence”

A new maximalism? Collecting, typologies, and objects in “The Keepers”

The New York Times Magazine recently ran a column about the tyranny (and ubiquity) of minimalism as a hipster aesthetic. Author Kyle Chayka explored the fashionable trend toward downsizing—purging clutter and embracing fewer and more efficient, if often beautiful, objects. For those longing for an end to the less-is-more movement, an antidote may have arrived: … read more… “A new maximalism? Collecting, typologies, and objects in “The Keepers””

Isa Genzken: Framing and referencing empty space

“I do not want to take away space with my sculptures. I add space.” –Isa Genzken Guest Contributor Peter Dudek / Isa Genzken’s sculpture Two Orchids (image at top) was recently installed at the entrance to Central Park on the corner of 60th Street and Fifth Avenue. Partly in recognition of the occasion, on February … read more… “Isa Genzken: Framing and referencing empty space”

Revitalization by contamination: OBJECT’hood at Lesley Heller

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / The premise of “OBJECT’hood,” a group exhibition at Lesley Heller Workspace curated by Inna Babaeva and Gelah Penn, is that sculpture, though less celebrated than painting, is enjoying a stealthy resurgence. Fueling what they impishly call this “revitalization by contamination” is the willingness of its practitioners to draw on a … read more… “Revitalization by contamination: OBJECT’hood at Lesley Heller”

Two Coats of Paint Artist Residency Program kicks off this week

Before I returned to NYC after a nearly ten-year hiatus teaching at Eastern Connecticut State University, Austin Thomas generously invited me to do a one-week residency at the original Bushwick Pocket Utopia in January 2009. The experience, which led to a longer residency the following summer, changed the way I thought about my work, expanded … read more… “Two Coats of Paint Artist Residency Program kicks off this week”

Architecture as muse at Union College

If readers are up near Union College in Schenectady, NY, please check out “blueprint,” a three person exhibition in The Atrium Gallery curated by Brece Honeycutt, artist and writer of the terrific blog on a colonial farm. In her blog, Honeycutt chronicles life on her colonial-era farm in western Massachusetts, researching and imagining what life … read more… “Architecture as muse at Union College”