Vancouver Report: Lyse Lemieux at Republic Gallery

 Guest Contributor Dion Kliner (Vancouver, BC)  /  John Singer Sargent enigmatically said, “A portrait is a painting with a little something wrong about the mouth.” Was he simply making a neutral observation, or was he talking about their relative value as art? Was it that a portrait is a slightly degraded form of art from … read more… “Vancouver Report: Lyse Lemieux at Republic Gallery”

EMAIL: Vancouver (continued)

After reading guest contributor Dion Kliner’s post  about Darcy Mann’s October exhibition in Vancouver, a reader suggested that we write about what’s going on in Vancouver NOW.  “This show is over, closed, fin, stängt, in the past,” our grumpy reader wrote. “Arriving in Van I’d like to know what’s here….” So I asked Dion for … read more… “EMAIL: Vancouver (continued)”