Ideas and Influences: Adam Simon

Adam Simon could best be described as a conceptual painter. Based in Brooklyn, he has been painting and organizing community projects like Four Walls and the Fine Art Adoption Network for more than 25 years. Lately, though, he’s put community projects aside to work in the studio, where his ironically elegant new abstract paintings riff … read more… “Ideas and Influences: Adam Simon”

EMAIL: “Clouds” exhibition details from Adam Simon

Dear Cloud Artist, Thank you for agreeing to be in the exhibition, “Clouds” at Lesley Heller Projects. I wanted to let you know very far in advance that the dates for the exhibition are December 15th, 2013 through January 26th, 2014. No dimension should exceed 24 inches in any direction. The title of the exhibition … read more… “EMAIL: “Clouds” exhibition details from Adam Simon”

Painting of the Day: “Meeting” by Adam Simon

Adam Simon, “Meeting,” 2010, acrylic and enamel on canvas, 56×80″ This amazing painting (which looks far better on the wall than it does as a jpeg) was recently featured in “Ocketopia” a group show curated by Austin Thomas at Lesley Heller Gallery. Although Simon’s studio is in Bushwick, he isn’t officially participating in the Bushwick … read more… “Painting of the Day: “Meeting” by Adam Simon”

In Hudson: Pop-up Gallery Portraits and NADA

Pam Lins, “Charles the VI layout and fog,” 2011, oil on panel, 18 x 14″ Austin Thomas is helping Scot Cohen organize “Pop-up Gallery Portraits” at 430 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. The exhibition opens on July 30 and will coincide with NADA Hudson, a large-scale exhibition featuring projects by galleries like Jeff Bailey, Canada, DCKT, … read more… “In Hudson: Pop-up Gallery Portraits and NADA”

Suzanne Joelson: How things change

In Suzanne Joelson‘s confrontational new paintings the conflicting forces of order and disruption animate a lively hash of vinyl photographic banners, paint, patterning, hollow-core wood panels, broken bits of debris, fabrics, geometric sequencing, and idiosyncratic markmaking. On the occasion of her solo show Studio 10 in Bushwick, Joelson met with painter Michele Araujo to talk about … read more… “Suzanne Joelson: How things change”

Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)

Often curated by artists, summer group shows provide a window into the hive mind. Accordingly, I’ve put together a short list of exhibitions that are organized around the themes and ideas that artists are talking about in current conversations. Excerpts from press releases are included, and in case readers can’t make it to the galleries–summer … read more… “Cheat sheet: Summer group shows (and what curators are writing about them)”

Catalogue essay: Robert Storr on Rick Briggs

Robert Storr originally wrote the following catalogue essay about Rick Briggs‘s unusual paintings, and he has graciously allowed Two Coats of Paint to republish it. Briggs’s solo show, “Full Circle,” is on view at the Flecker Gallery at Suffolk County Community College through March 18. Some painters just can’t leave well enough alone. Which is … read more… “Catalogue essay: Robert Storr on Rick Briggs”

Quick study

This edition of “Quick study” includes the inaugural show at the Met Breuer, Spring/Break’s roster of curators, The Review Panel, New American Paintings Northeast selection, Amy Sillman, Martha Tuttle, Robert Straight, and Patrick Neal’s thoughtful review of my show in Hyperallergic. Looking forward: In March “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible,” opens in the Whtney’s old building. … read more… “Quick study”

Pre-game: Who’s included in “Greater New York”?

This week MoMA PS1 presents “Greater New York,” a sprawling, building-wide exhibition that takes place every five years and has traditionally featured work by New York’s most prominent emerging artists. This year, recognizing that the art world is, in fact, a multi-generational community, the show departs from the traditional focus on youth to “examine points … read more… “Pre-game: Who’s included in “Greater New York”?”