Catching up with Adam Cvijanovic

Back when I was an art student in Boston, everyone swooned over Adam Cvijanovic’s amazing command over paint and powerful subjectmatter, so I’m looking forward to seeing his ambitious new show based on D. W. Griffith’s 1916 silent epic “Intolerance,” at Bellwether this month. In the NY Times, Carol Kino profiles the irrepressible painter.“’I’m basically … read more… “Catching up with Adam Cvijanovic”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / March 2018

Contributed by Sharon Butler / In case readers want to check out some painting shows but aren’t interested in racing around to the art fairs (or paying the entry fees), here are some gallery shows worth checking out this month. More comprehensive, all-media listings, are available at The List on artcritical and ArtForum’s ARTGUIDE. Excellent phone apps like See Saw Gallery Guide and NYArtBeat allow you to bookmark exhibitions and then display the … read more… “Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / March 2018”

Two Coats Selected Gallery Guide / July 10, 2017

Our mid-summer selected exhibitions list, organized by neighborhood, is, well, blooming with group shows that feature flowers, gardens, and nature. For those of you who are out of town, perhaps tending your own patch of land or painting at an artists’ residency upstate, links are included for online browsing. For a full exhibition listing, make sure to check out “The List” at artcritical. 

Fiction: The Unknown Masterpiece [Honore De Balzac]

Today marks the beginning of the Two Coats of Paint fiction column, a special summer section featuring short stories about artists, collectors, galleries, and other matters centered in the art world. To kick the series off, we present Balzac’s classic, “The Unknown Masterpiece.” Originally published in 1837 and set in the 1600s, the story is about an old painter named Frenhofer who … read more… “Fiction: The Unknown Masterpiece [Honore De Balzac]”

Painting: Fall preview Manhattan edition

YES: Galleries are presenting a slew of good painting exhibitions this season. The most obvious trend seems to be the continued move away from abstraction toward representational approaches–with still life and figurative work dominating. Here’s a list of the shows I’m looking forward to seeing, with links in case readers can’t get to the galleries. … read more… “Painting: Fall preview Manhattan edition”

Interview: Amie Cunat at Wave Hill

Contributed by Danni Shen / In her most recent solo exhibition at Wave Hill, New York-based painter Amie Cunat has created a floor-to-ceiling installation, and not for the first time. Totally immersive, Hideout exemplifies Cunat’s large-scale incorporation of vibrating color juxtapositions and nebulous shapes. Originally a functional sunroom, the space is covered in the high-visibility … read more… “Interview: Amie Cunat at Wave Hill”

Sam Jablon: Between seeing and reading

Guest contributor Adam Henry / Painter-poet Sam Jablon is poised to open a double show in April occupying both Freight + Volume’s downtown gallery and their experimental uptown space called Arts + Leisure. I first met Sam at a group discussion on painting’s possibilities at the home of Saul Ostrow. We quickly exchanged studio visits and … read more… “Sam Jablon: Between seeing and reading”

Pre-game: Who’s included in “Greater New York”?

This week MoMA PS1 presents “Greater New York,” a sprawling, building-wide exhibition that takes place every five years and has traditionally featured work by New York’s most prominent emerging artists. This year, recognizing that the art world is, in fact, a multi-generational community, the show departs from the traditional focus on youth to “examine points … read more… “Pre-game: Who’s included in “Greater New York”?”

June 30: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows, openings, and events

SOME but not all NYC SELECTED SHOWS TO SEE / June 30, 2015 / Listed south to north. Compiled by artist Andrew Ginzel for his students at the School of Visual Arts. Images have been selected by Two Coats of Paint. NOTE: Many venues are on special summer hours. Please inquire before going out of … read more… “June 30: Andrew Ginzel’s list of NYC shows, openings, and events”