Allison Schulnik’s frenzied equestrian feminisms

Contributed by Torey Akers / Allison Schulnik’s current solo show at ZieherSmith, “Hoof II,” posits personal mythology as a material condition for world-building. Each heavily impastoed piece functions simultaneously as portal and detonation site, issuing a challenge to the institutional semantics framing femininity in contemporary art dialogue. “Hoof II” expands Schulnik’s long-standing fascination with female … read more… “Allison Schulnik’s frenzied equestrian feminisms”

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Katie Bell’s Miami adventure

Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein /  Katie Bell‘s work, comprising scavenged construction debris, skirts the line between sculpture and assemblage. Bell combed Miami for a month to source the materials for “Backsplash,” her most recent solo show, which opened at Locust Projects September 10. Among the must-finds on her list were, as she says, “scraps of drywall, scraps … read more… “Katie Bell’s Miami adventure”

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Sue Post: Intuitively chosen constraints

Contributed by Franklin Einspruch / Among several of my quixotic projects is to farm a heretofore neglected front yard for vegetables. It is, as they say, a work in progress. I am in charge of this project, and yet I am not. Much depends on my scant knowledge, my incomplete attention, my limited power to … read more… “Sue Post: Intuitively chosen constraints”

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Quick study

This edition includes links to upcoming Open Studio dates, Clyfford Still’s pastels, the Miami art fair participant lists, Thornton Willis upstate, the gold toilet at the Guggenheim, the resurrection of Ginzel’s much-loved List, a review of Molly Crabapple’s show at Postmasters, George Bush’s new painting project, and more.

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Art and film: Bruce Conner, escape artist

Contributed by Jonathan Stevenson / Evident in the transfixing Bruce Conner retrospective “Bruce Conner: It’s All True” at MoMA is a probing eye that seeks out departure of one kind or another. Eclectic and countercultural, his rather Rauschenbergian arc reflects the artist’s energetic and sometimes unsubtle insistence on embracing the world’s stark, unsettling inconstancy – … read more… “Art and film: Bruce Conner, escape artist”

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IRL: The Study Room at the Metropolitan Museum

Contributed by Kate Liebman / The Metropolitan Museum’s Department of Drawings and Prints is celebrating its centennial this year, and has devoted a wall to “one masterpiece” per week through April 30, 2017. This week’s masterpiece was a portrait of a church man drawn by Jean Fouquet in the mid-15th century. I stopped by to check … read more… “IRL: The Study Room at the Metropolitan Museum”

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Julie Torres’ dispatches from Hudson, part 2

As promised in part one earlier this week, Julie Torres has sent her second report from Hudson‘s thriving gallery scene. Julie was a longtime – and much-loved! – Brooklyn resident who recently moved upstate, and while we miss having her nearby, we’re itching to visit her new neighborhood for ourselves. Looking at the photo round-up … read more… “Julie Torres’ dispatches from Hudson, part 2”

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Gregory Amenoff: Inside and Out

Contributed by Stephen Westfall / American abstraction was born in the landscape. Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keeffe seem to have got there before anyone else, trailing plowed fields, banks of clouds, and zigzag lightning bolts into visual rhythms that verge onto geometric patterning without losing touch with a dream-like memory of forest, field and weather. … read more… “Gregory Amenoff: Inside and Out”


Art exchange: Catherine Haggarty’s trip to Los Angeles

Contributed by Catherine Haggarty / I arrived at LAX on an early flight from Newark on Saturday, August 6.  I knew I would be staying with Andrew Cortes and his girlfriend Anne Marie Taylor in Glassell Park, LA for a week. I was there to make art and new friends, and to learn about Andrew … read more… “Art exchange: Catherine Haggarty’s trip to Los Angeles”


Art and film: Growing up at 70 Hester Street with Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins

Contributed by Casimir Nozkowski /  I grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a building that was once a synagogue, a whiskey still, a raincoat factory and when I was born there, a studio for my artist parents [Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins]. They moved in after they got married in 1967 … read more… “Art and film: Growing up at 70 Hester Street with Thomas Nozkowski and Joyce Robins”