August 13, 2013

A few snaps: Adolph Gottlieb

Longtime readers may recall my evolving ideas about the paIntings of Ab-Exer Adolph Gottlieb (b. 1903, New York City), and this summer there's another opportunity to see his work in "Image and Abstraction," the star-studded, multi-generational group show at Pace. Here are a few Gottlieb images I downloaded from their  website. Is his work, given its clunkiness, a forerunner to Provisional Painting and Casualism?

Adolph Gottlieb, Ambient Green, 1962. Oil on linen, 90" x 72" (228.6 cm x 182.9 cm)

Adolph Gottlieb, Untitled, 1967. Gouache on paper, 24" x 19" (61 cm x 48.3 cm).

Adolph Gottlieb, Untitled, 1970. Collage and ink on paper, 24" x 19" (61 cm x 48.3 cm).

Adolph Gottlieb, Chromatic Game, 1951. Oil on canvas, 48" x 36" (121.9 cm x 91.4 cm).

Adolph Gottlieb, The Red, 1972. Oil on linen, 90" x 60" (228.6 cm x 152.4 cm).
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I've never been a big fan of Gottlieb but I'm taking a new look at him after seeing Ambient Green @ the Pace show. That blue was incredible!

Thanks for the post.