June 3, 2013

More painting IRL: Bushwick Open Studios, part 2

Thanks to the artists who generously opened their studios and also to the galleries that mounted exhibitions and events--I only got to a small fraction this year. If I didn't get to yours, I'll put you on the list for 2014. For readers who haven't had enough 2013 Bushwick Open Studios coverage, check out Part I  as well as the images below.

Lisa Corrine Davis's elegant paintings @ 1717 Troutman are inspired by maps, portraits, and  complexes of digitized information. Image above: Delirious Network, 2013, oil on panel, 48 x 64 inches.

Jeanne Tremel presented large wall pieces and paintings on paper @ 119 Ingraham Street.

Jeanne Tremel, May 19, 2013, oil on paper. 26 x 24 inches.

Lael Marshall continues her seriously funny exploration of dishtowel abstraction @ 119 Ingraham.

A few small Rebecca Litt paintings on view @ 119 Ingraham Street

"My frequent consumption of fiction influences the way I think about art making," Litt writes in her statement. "I want my paintings to have a novelistic, artificial quality, rather than be tied to fact and first-person perception in the manner of a documentary or a memoir. Thus, although there is a degree of naturalism in some of the details, the work depicts an invented, introspective world; a fictionalized autobiography loosely inspired by my own experiences."

Neo-fauvist Gili Levi makes colorful  large-scale abstractions in which color and brushwork dominate  @ 119 Ingraham Street.

Oliver Jones makes compelling room-sized stage-like pieces about fictional characters that may or may not include paintings and wall pieces @ 1182 Flushing Ave

 MK Mahler makes sculptural objects with rocks, but she also presented a few drawings and collages. I want one. @ 1182 Flushing Ave

aka Timothy Ribbons. It's a long story, but he paints under two different names @1717 Troutman.

Heidi Elbers @ 1717 Troutman,  a classmate of aka Timothy Ribbons at the NY Academy of Art. They shared the space with a bunch of other figurative painters trained at the NYAA. Underpainting, glazing, the works.

Lauren Collings: Loosely painted and loveable @ 119 Ingraham Street

Michael Voss @ 119 Ingraham. Voss also had work in "What I like About You @ Parallel Art Space.

 Andy Cross, the painter who made a house out of small paintings, works @ St. Nicholas Studios.

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i'm sorry i missed it
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Wow, amazing work. Very impressive and inspiring.

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