May 6, 2013

EMAIL: Tony Fitzpatrick "really, no shit"

Known for his retro drawing-collages and inspired storytelling, Tony Fitzpatrick has two shows up through May 26, "The Other Kind" at Pierogi and " The Mysteries of Ohio" at Adam Baumgold.

In a recent note Fitzpatrick sent the image posted above with this short message. "These are new etchings. you should get some--they will make you happy and solve all of life's conundrums -- really, no shit......"

I'm so tempted to get out the credit card.

"Tony Fitzpatrick: The Other Kind," Pierogi, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Through May 26, 2013.
"Tony Fitzpatrick: The Mysteries of Ohio," Adam Baumgold, Upper East Side, New York, NY. Through May 26, 2013.


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