October 13, 2012

EMAIL: Rebecca Morris writes regarding Raoul De Keyser

Hey Sharon,

I just saw your piece on Raoul. Such an important artist for so many people, including myself. Thanks for posting. We show at the same gallery in Berlin, Galerie Barbara Weiss. It was one of the original connections I made with Barbara when we first met--our mutual admiration of Raoul's work!

I wanted to send this link on to you. Raoul did his last solo show with Barbara this past summer. It was quite beautiful, titled "To Walk." He worked with GBW for many years and I believe there will be an upcoming catalog of this last show.

Best wishes,


Image above: Raoul De Keyser's paintings for "To Walk," courtesy Galerie Barbara Weiss.

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Thanks for sharing. More about Raoul de Keyser: http://ericadamajournal.blogspot.nl/2012/10/raoul-de-keyser-1930-2012.html#.UHmjZ28xoxo